Exercises for your arms

armsSpeaking of beautiful shape that most women and men are firm buttock muscles, thin waist and a beautiful shapely legs. That’s only about hands somehow say rather seldom, although no one wants to be overweight and flabby skin in this part of the body.

To ensure the beauty of the upper extremities, you must not only have recourse to effective diets, but also actively engaged in sports, focusing on specific exercises for hands.

Before you perform the exercises for your arms, you must at least superficially know what muscles will absorb the load. The more knowledge on a given topic Gets a person is, the more active and more productive than his activities in this direction.
What muscles are targeted exercises: triceps

So, the major muscles of the hands up to the elbow are the triceps and biceps. The names of the muscles are “heard”, but very few people know where they are and what is the difference between.

Triceps triceps is the shoulders. It is called so because it originates in three heads. Triceps is the back of the shoulder and, as a rule, this is the first muscle, smouldering in the formless obvisloe jelly in the absence of proper physical exercise. Understand that the triceps is in a deplorable state is quite simple-you just need to come up to the mirror, lift up your hand and wave to her several times. If the NIH hands easily goes from side to side, recalling the uncontrolled aspic, urgent activities and correctly chosen diet menu.

Maintenance of the Tricep arm in good shape is not only a kind of tribute to the attractive appearance. If the muscles of hands not to care, you can soon simply do not open not only the door entrance, but treasured.
What muscles used: biceps exercises for your arms

The biceps is the big biceps muscle of the shoulder, which is well visible on the hands. The name “biceps” is familiar even to people not familiar with the anatomy. These muscles love gives most men.

Bicep muscles are usually “pump” dumbbells and weights. In contrast to the functional beauty of biceps, triceps is more aesthetic than practical.

When training biceps, the important thing is not to overdo it and not your muscles would explode. The effect depends on the intensity of your workouts, and not by the weight of the projectile.
Examples of exercises for arms with dumbbells

Before you start to exercise, you need to stop or complete all fast and hard diet with a minimum of ingredients. Although, from diets in General and not to give up if you abide by those that are most close to the daily diet. The best method of losing weight with exercise is the one that does not cause suffering and does not cause excessive stress in the body.

The most effective exercises for hands are lessons with free weights or heavy objects (for example, you can replace the dumbbells bottles filled with water).

Exercise 1. Is in a sitting position, the lower part of the legs and spine must be strictly perpendicular to the floor. Hold a dumbbell with both hands behind your head, elbows bent and fixed to the back of the skull. As an exercise, you must raise the projectile above the head, hold it up for a few seconds and then slowly lower to the starting position.

Exercise 2. Performed in a standing position. Legs spread, arms with dumbbells lowered along the body. On account of the need to raise your hands up to shoulder height and slowly lower down. Number of exercises should be increased every day.

What exercises for hands you choose? Perhaps they helped you achieve amazing results? Write to us about your achievements and do not forget to leave feedback.

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