Eye Yoga

yogaIndian Yogis are eyes, contemplating the Moon and the Sun, stars,
fire and water. There is a lot to learn from them. Yoga
the eye is quite simple, but very effective.

These classes should be tonight half-light, or
a dark room. Install the light source-a candle-at a distance of approximately 0.5 -1
meter at eye level. Take a stable position, relax: nothing and nobody must
distract you at this point.

During the exercise, do not forget about posture! It is very important to all
keep straight back and head. So, not blinking and not looking up, look at the
a candle flame, gradually narrowing the area of contemplation. Gradually, ideally, language
the flame will turn into one bright spot, which, in the course of the exercise,
should take the entire area of contemplation. When you’re in this ovladeeš′
technique, you can proceed to the contemplation of water, the stars and the moon.

By the way, very good feel and understand the meaning of this
exercises help pictures “third eye” is obscurer blurred images
which is encrypted by the three-dimensional shape.

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