Facelift-does the aging of

The most visible signs of aging occur on the face, that makes millions of men and women worldwide seek the help of a plastic surgeons. A private appearance should not make us frustration and irritation. Our reflection in the mirror should give us the pleasure of both morning and evening. With age on his face appear traces of permanent action of gravity, solar radiation and stress.

Unfortunately, we can’t fight nature. We do not control reverse the aging process, but we can do less visible manifestations of age. This will help us cosmetic surgery. Face lift, also known as a face-lift or head will help remove excess fat, subcutaneous muscles and regain tone contours lineament. Face lift/neck will give you a youthful freshness to the skin, enhance self-esteem and self-confidence. In modern plastic surgery, there are several methods of a facelift. Please know that you are not alone in their desire to learn more about the benefits of this procedure.

Without a doubt, the best lift shows women that put a clear, realistic objectives and do not expect miracles of cosmetic surgery. Recovering in a clinic, men and women must remember that although lifting really help visually lose a few years, he never returns your skin health and youthful elasticity. The ideal candidate for a man or a woman whose skin begins to fade, however, had not yet lost its elasticity. As a rule, choose the facelift patients aged 40-60 years with a strong, well-defined bone structure. Other factors that indicate that tightening be effective-gvyjgvs cheeks, thickened lines for nose and mouth (nasolabial lines) and double (or even triple) Chin.

The choice of clinic and a doctor

The traditional braces, also known as lifting and tightening the muscular frame of a person (called the SMAS lift), takes several hours, depending on how many mini-treatments need to accomplish during the same operation. Some surgeons divided the operation into two phases. When you run this type of lift, the surgeon separates the skin from the fat and muscle layers, and then removes or suck fat from the neck and Chin, which improves facial contour. The surgeon then pulls open a muscle and bulkhead, retracting the skin to the ears and removing its surpluses. Fix seams strained layers of tissue and hides made incisions; metal brackets are used for this purpose. In General, factors directly influencing the operation technique are determined by individual characteristics suspenders, individual patient preferences and the type of face lift surgeon.

In addition, the men’s and women’s cuts are performed in various places, although the standard incision requires continuous cut that starts from the temple compound, passes in front of the ear, bypasses it and ends up in the crease behind the ear. Instead of a complete face lift some patients choose local lifting the forehead, Chin, or neck.

Possible risks and complications

Plastic surgery for the result there can vouch nobody. And no one can guarantee absolute security operation. However, the possible risks and complications of braces infrequent pose no particular threat to the health or life of the patient. However, all are we different Anatomy, physical and psychological reactions, as well as the ability to recovery and healing of wounds. For this reason, the result of plastic surgery can never be forecast at 100%.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in preparation for any cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Patients need to stop smoking at least two weeks prior to the scheduled operation and do not smoke for at least two weeks after the surgery, since nicotine affects the results of the suspenders. Know that nicotine is the narrowing of the blood vessels on the face, which can slow healing. Here are the most common risks and complications of a facelift:
Slow and painful healing
Nerve damage
Logging of infection
Reaction to the anesthesia
Bleeding and bruising
Changes and skin damage
Soreness and discomfort
Formation of bruises
Patches and skin numbness.

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