Facial massage – support youth oval

Every woman wants to always look young and attractive. But time is relentless, and sooner or later we will see the wrinkles in the mirror, change the oval face, and possibly the appearance of double chin. In combat these cosmetology flaws by any means: the regular use of masks, proper selection of cosmetics for face and neck that fits your skin type and, of course, massage.

Naturally, it is better to entrust the massage person competent professional beauty salon. By choosing a cosmetologist must be approached very seriously, better to do it

based on reviews acquaintances or friends, as the bumbling face and neck massage may aggravate the situation. Improper use of massage techniques, too much pressure or stretching of the skin can accelerate the aging process and enhance the already existing wrinkles. Properly done massage appears to reduce the swelling of the face. Unskilled also causes swelling around the eyes and the appearance of new wrinkles.

During the massage uses several techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration, deep tweaks that spend on basic massage lines.

The massage is performed in the following areas:

from the chin to the earlobe;

from the corners of the mouth to the middle ear;

from the wings of the nose to the middle ear;

from the center of the forehead to the temples;

from the inner corner of the eye brow, to his temple;

from the outer corner of the eye, along the lower lid towards the inner corner of the eye;

neck massage from the clavicle up to the chin.

At various indications specialist – cosmetologist will offer various types of massages. So at reduced tone facial muscles, wrinkles, with dry, aging or dehydrated skin, it shows the classic facial, using a variety of strokes and rubs, using massage cream. With oily skin , hyperkeratosis, or post acne is more appropriate plucking massage using special oil.



pustular rash



increased hair growth on the face,


If you do not have the time or resources to visit the salon, and you decide to perform massage yourself, bear in mind that the most important – is to observe the regularity and some of the rules of the meeting.

The main requirement – massage movements should be light and moving. High friction and stretching of the skin will only lead to negative consequences.

Facial massage at home

To achieve a good result, it suffices to give massage three times a week for 10 minutes. If you, in an effort to achieve more results, increase the procedure, its maximal extension should not exceed 25-30 minutes. But it is better to adhere to the golden mean.

Before performing self-massage to clean face and put on a cream or oil, depending on your skin type. Start with a light massage strokes on the face and neck massage lines. The next stage – perform massage on the same lines, but the person tapping the tips of four fingers, and neck – patting the back of the hands. After that move to tingle. They do not have to be strong or deep. Pay special attention to the skin around the eyes – here it is the thinnest and most prone to tension. Spatula to fold the fingers and press them for ever, and then around the eyes in a circle, each time taking away sharply from age. We turn to her forehead, her fingertips perform a circular motion from the middle of the forehead to the temples. Then make a few horizontal movements, as if “procherchivaya” line from the middle of the forehead to the temples. Fold your fingers together and follow the pressing, all in the same direction.

A smooth transition from the forehead to the temples, massage them in a clockwise direction. Then the thumb and fingers do the massage earlobes. Covering his ears with his hands, perform a circular motion, gently pressing on the ear.

The next step – massage the cheeks. Follow alternately stroking the upper, middle and lower parts of the cheeks. Pressure should be a gentle, your fingers just glide over the skin, performing massage on the massage lines.

Index fingers of hands perform massage movements from the middle of the upper lip to the outer corners of her. Then, from the middle of the lower lip – the same massage movements.

Finish the massage strokes from the bottom up the sides of the neck and top to bottom – the middle part of it.

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