Fast food and lifestyle

erhmanWe all know that man and woman are eating very differently. But as far as “different”, many of us realize only when starting to live with her husband in the same apartment, having received the so called rights-dubbed Zim Zum “right to go into the refrigerator and make sure there is nothing there (well, maybe just the dumplings, which lie in the freezer since prehistoric times, and that you vymorazivat′ ICES, like mammoths).

Recently I moved to your young man. Very quickly I learned that foods that require cooking, Igor does not recognize as food. On the request to buy something for dinner, it could bring from chips and a couple of cans of beer or a bottle of white wine and cheese cutting. No, he loves to eat, but it totally kills the time spent on meal preparation. Forty minutes is the maximum that he can wait (in the restaurant). Then he starts whining, steal from the cutting board to cut their ingredients or sandwiches. Can not podsuetitsa in advance order for two pizzas and inform me joyfully on the phone that took care of the dinner.

The only harm that Igor had seen in irrational nutrition and weight gain. But he was sure if going to the gym more often, there is no harm from chips and hamburgers at all. However, its power on misconceptions write treatises. For example, he considered the fruit a little delicacy normally more useful than chocolate; muesli and yoghurts-quirk of slimming young ladies; and vegetables generally regarded exclusively as a side dish to meat, but not as a full meal. That poor nutrition leads to gastritu and disbakteriozu, Igor preferred not to think of … Well, I had a serious culinary war, which I had intended to win in two moves. I have the first education medical, so I know how our digestive system is built, and then end with “dumplings diet”.

The first strategic step was trekking in the clinic where we had passed the tests of dysbacteriosis. Igor having heard his diagnosis, just like he told interviewers that he was mortally ill. He was appointed a diet excludes the fatty, sweet and spicy food. Warned that if his daily diet will consist of 60% from vegetables and fruits, goiter is here to stay.

Then I left in a conspicuous place a medical encyclopedia to Igor himself all have read and absorbed the seriousness of the problem. The fact that the goiter is not a disease, but it can cause serious diseases. For some reason many people believe that food is digested in the stomach, although in fact it occurs in the intestine. For this we need good bacteria-they live in the intestines and helps us absorb up to 80% of food. In addition, these microorganisms produce vitamins, strengthen the immune system, reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood and even prevent the development of colon cancer.

However, besides the good bacteria in our body are harmful. When the body is healthy, beneficial bacteria much more. But as greenhouse plants, are very vulnerable. Antibiotics, infection, poor ecology, our stress-all this ruins the good bacteria. So, the goiter is the balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria.

All bacteria as useful and harmful, eat what we eat. Eating sandwiches and other protein foods, we feed just harmful microorganisms that are beginning to veer us from inside. To help their beneficial bacteria to grow and evolve, we must supply them with vegetable fibers is called Prebiotics. They are as many times in vegetables and fruits, which Igor did not consider eating.

I was almost sure that the culinary war was over my victory, but it turned out that we have played to a draw. After a week of forced vegetarianism and absorption of funds with live bacteria, Igor was searching for workarounds. At first he read online article about what all of these live bacteria that it forced the doctor to drink, bring only temporary effect, because each person is unique, microflora and hostile flora will never be her match. And, in addition, grown in test tubes “bacteria do not take root in the body, but only as untrained recruits in the war, at the time, fill a space, preventing the spread of harmful bacteria. That is why “live” bacteria should be taken regularly, almost courses.

The second bash imposed diet has found the information that you can minimize the huge amount of fruits and vegetables, which he is forced to eat instead of good fried steaks. You just need to replace their products with the addition of the Prebiotics which feed on bacteria. Now these products are easy to find even in the pharmacy, and in ordinary supermarkets. For example, recently appeared prebiotikmi yogurt-enriched “» Prebiotic”. It contains one of the most effective prebiotic-inulin. In its natural form of inulin is present in artichokes, artichoke, garlic, repčatom Luka, asparagus, bananas. Only in yoghurt inulin is much larger than in the vegetables and fruit, so to run the daily norm, not every day stuff down on half a kilo of onions or 3 pounds asparagus, and enough to eat “» Prebiotic”.

At first I thought it was just an excuse to relax the strict diet and start eating harmful food. But then I realized that he had found a really good alternative, and after ten days of yogurt has forgotten about his goiter. I was afraid that he would return to the past way of life, but now He more closely relates to food, and his force is no longer purchased dumplings. And shawarma of the worst stations tents Igor, thank God now too afraid to buy. He increasingly became a fruit or yogurt, snacking good Prebiotic» “is available with a variety of flavor combinations-you can always try something new and delicious. I prefer to buy “rose-raspberry and Strawberry-Banana,” Igor, “the apricot-Buckthorn” and “cherry and black currant”. I also liked that the yogurt-a lightweight, non-greasy and malokalorijnyj. But the inulin gives it a density of this creamy dessert. In addition, inulin makes yogurt more hearty, not adding it caloric content. So now for me and Igor “Prebiotic»”-usual breakfast

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