Fitness and varicose veins

fitnessIf you’re going to do the last couple of years and finally bought a membership in a fitness club, try to … hold back. Self-sacrifice under the slogan “give one and a half pounds of muscle in a month” or “decided on two sizes” can do more harm than good. From undue stress, especially power, especially suffer. legs. If you have a genetic predisposition to varicose veins or spider veins are harbingers of the feet is already visible.

Doctors strongly recommend that at the first signs of varicose veins (swelling, pain, prostupivie Vienna) to see a doctor-flebologu. Only a doctor with the help of a special ultrasound Diagnostics veins can correct diagnosis even in the earliest stages of the disease.

Ultrasound-Doppler-takes less than five minutes and is absolutely no discomfort. If that is not enough, the doctor will do a duplex scan-it will help to reveal the extent of damage and determine a rational treatment policy.

Modern treatment of varicose veins, you can stop the disease at the very beginning, maintaining not only the health but also the beauty of the feet. These words reflect the true power of Phlebology.

Doctors ‘ recommendations-phlebologists for those engaged in fitness activities

-For beginners to remember: an abrupt change in sedentary lifestyle at the hyperactive could easily provoke a varicose disease. So keep a reasonable approach fitness: naraŝivaj load gradually.

-If the coach believes that to create the flawless shape exercises with weights equipment you need, in the first month of workouts ogranic′sa minimal weight, and then increase the number of repetitions of the exercises rather than the weight of the projectiles.

-All kinds of workouts the safest for your legs is water aerobics: here the load is distributed evenly throughout the body.

-During workout series anaerobic and strength training.

-The greatest prudence require exercises on simulators, giving stress on the calf muscles. Before him, be sure to talk to your health care provider of the fitness club and better pass can have computer Diagnostics.

-Wearing during exercise therapeutic Jersey-compression Golfs is a means of prevention of varicose veins. Yes and no fitness this Jersey is indispensable for those who have a penchant for expansion of veins.
Fitness and varicose veins
-Weight lifting exercises (for example, during the “masculine” occupation-post) do in sitting or lying down, then the brunt will fall not on the tibia and the femur.

-Exercise bike-best friend of everyone who cares about the health of their feet. Be friends with him daily, approximately half an hour. Higher doses of friendship can lead to aggravation of relations: any overload to the legs is harmful. For those who are bored to pedal, the Americans came up with the spinning-workout on a stationary bike to video tracking. On the screen you see a changing landscape-this creates the effect of presence. It is advisable to overcome the perceived steep slopes and winding trails with cardio fitness and training machines.

-Step-aerobics may well be replaced by walking the stairs that doctors recommend for prevention of varicose veins.

-Kwon do class, Thai Boxing, volleyball and football … If you seriously think of their health classes in your fitness schedule should not appear. Martial arts and playing sports are recognized as health professionals the most traumatic.

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