Fitness on the beach

beachThe biggest summer injustice: the long-awaited vacation, women are gaining weight, which so painfully separated for several months. Fully relaxed, we forget about diet and nutrition, and most of the time spend in the sun loungers by the pool. That impression is held not to overshadow not leaveĀ  at waist trousers, you can spend time not only with pleasure, but also to good use. Follow our instructions.
1. Go on foot. Always and everywhere! The walking helps keep the legs and buttocks-slim, toned. Keep your back straight, your Chin slightly lift up the leg straight, putting forward endure first the heel, then the whole foot entirely. If the beach is not the hail. And don’t even think of taking a taxi or some other transport (except the bike). Better to walk on foot to the beach. Before you enter the water, doctors recommend thoroughly mash the chemical industries pumps. To not look at this strange, making a circular movement of the legs, standing on the beach, go on foot. There is no better workout than walking.
Total: on foot, you can burn up to 200 kcal. And if you are on their shoulders the weighty beach bag, then walking the intensity becomes comparable to jogging (burn up to 300 calories!).

2. run around on the sand. Many Hollywood stars have recognized that they must shape the sport trim on the sea shore. The secret is that when running on sand feet get stuck and there was resistance from the surface. This is several times more energy than when running, for example, on a flat asphalt track.
Total: 20 minutes you just destroy up to 300 calories!
Water procedures

3. Go in the water! Research has proven that through aerobic workouts in the water fat is burned more efficiently than during similar exercises on land. It’s all in the resistance of water, which is more than 10 times the resistance of air. You probably know that swimming is one of the best ways to tone up muscles and achieve excellent results in a short period of time.

Here are some more light to look at, but effective exercises:
Lie down on your stomach in the surf. Lift body, elbows bent resting on hands and toes. During tidal wave rectifiers hand, shifting the center of gravity in the Palm of your hand. With the retreat of the waves back to the starting position.
Water running. The water level should reach the knee, waist or chest. As a warm up-running in place for two to three minutes, as well as aerobic exercise is a 20-minute March. Try to raise above the knee and leg drop on the whole foot.
Standing in water on the chest, feet shoulder width apart, hands at sides Mahi take on, keep your hands Palms down. Do it on 10 makhov.
Standing on the chest in the water, pull themselves together and put the left Alternately, the right leg, trying to touch your toes.
Also effective twists and bends in the hand.

Total: peaceful swimming for 20 minutes will help expend about 200 calories (depending on the speed and type of navigation). Note, Kroll is considered to be the most useful way of dissecting the water surface. Do not forget to monitor chassis: backbone to keep straight as a stretched string. 20-minute water aerobics in a calm pace burn 100-150 kcal.

4. play! Remember pioneer YouTube and play any games-volleyball and frisbee. The game itself at Frisbee too time-consuming activity, but its on the sand increases the calories! Volleyball is rightly considered the most cheerful and active Beach sport available to absolutely everyone.
Total: hour of frisbee-minus 250 kcal. One game of volleyball takes away from 400 to 600 calories.

5. Exercise with a towel. Three simple exercises will help you strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle, body, hands and chest. Are they standing up, two to three sets of 10-15 times.

Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Pick up the ends of the towel. Lift up your hands straight up over your head and natani towel. While exhaling tip your body sideways, pulling the towel as possible. Repeat 10-15 times on each side.
Pull straight up from far-fetched towel a (as in Simp. 1). Lift your bent leg (make sure to angle the knee was direct) and the open case at her side. Then change leg and side turn.
Sit down, pull legs pick up the ends of the towel. Throw the towel in the middle of the foot and start slowly cranking the hands, the elbows in the breeding. Make sure that the elbows are not looked down, not lower them. Raise your arms, bending straight leg up.

Total: for half an hour “polotencevoj” workout you can lose about 100-200 calories.

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