Flat stomach exercises for your waist:

waistThere is no woman who has not dreamed to have a thin waist. The phrase banal, but it inspires, and women go to various tricks to achieve the desired.

A variety of techniques and diets that may persuade Talia is sure to become a fine, you just have to try. And offering to buy the diet. Here begins the saddest. As a rule, almost all of them look like twins-brothers. And the newest techniques are yet another SOAP bubble. How, for example, a diet based on frame 25. People not prone to suggestion, this diet does nothing and the money thrown away. Let not such a big amount, about $ 40, but the result will be zero. Or “do not eat the diet Malysheva such products, and the stomach will go away in a few days.” Again, not true. Money taken without shame, and tummy never goes away.

The sad thing is that no one honestly don’t write: “Lovely pyšečki! You have naedali my stomach, and there is no such that belly is gone, just don’t eat bread or something else. In order to achieve a flat stomach, you need not just a diet, work up a sweat. The result will be, but not immediately, but after a couple of months. And don’t just have to go on a diet, or stop eating certain foods, and need to do some exercise daily, eat a reduced calorie diet, without forgetting about meat, fat, and not just stop there for the night. Why not forget about meat? Yes it is very simple: to have the strength to perform these exercises every day.

The proposed set of exercises to slim your waist, belly reduction and includes the stretch marks that must be performed after each series of exercises for the muscles worked. Before & after fitness food better not take within two hours.

Classes are held two to three times a week, they cannot be ignored. If classes falling on critical days, the workload can be reduced, but refuse to exercise is not necessary. The main goal – methodology and persistence.
Fitness Lady.

1. warm up.

A. ubystrënnyj step, gradually turning into a run. Time up to 7 min.

B. get fingers toes, first the left and then the right foot.

2. Lunges. The body of this exercise should be a straight vertical, and your abdominal muscles drawn in. Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Small dumbbells in hands lowered along the body. Step back with your left foot.

A. making the breath falls down, the angle of 90 degrees at the knees.

B. making exhale, rise up. You want to perform two sets of 30 poluprisedanij. Change leg.

3. extension of the hip joint. Keep your back straight, your abdominal muscles drawn in.

A. get on your knees and palms in the whole floor. The hands should not go beyond the line of the shoulders.

B. making exhaling raise left leg raised heel outwards. Perform 30 times each leg.

3. Strip. Deep abdominal muscles are working (stabilizers lateral abdominal muscles).

A. become on the forearm and the socks. The body as a single horizontal line. The abdominal muscles are stretched as much as possible. When performing the exercises must not deflect the waist and pelvis do not lift up.

B. breathing in, raise the right leg up. The sock taut. Breathing out its original position. For each leg 30 approaches.

4. direct twisting. Work your abdominal muscles.

A. lying on the floor, her arms along the body, legs bent at the knees.

B. exhaling, lift up, not tânemsâ your Chin towards the knees, and try to lift the shoulder blades. Perform three sets of 30 times.

5. Poočerëdnoe lowering legs. Focus on the bottom line press, works the muscle belly. Lying on your back, feet up, lift up the socks, hands behind his head.

A. lift and hold the body.

B. turn each foot down without touching the floor. When you exhale we lift your legs up. Perform three sets of 30 times. After you complete an exercise abdominal muscles pull.

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