Foot Care: Treatment of fractures

In spite of the care of feet, on the heels appeared smaller incisions and unpleasant burning sensation? Must immediately begin their treatment, otherwise they quickly prevratyatsya in painful deep cracks. Just not in any way will not yield to smear green paint cracks or iodine, they only slow the healing potsess, making the skin more dry and tough. If disinfection is required, it is better to use hydrogen peroxide. After all, our main objective – to reduce the cracks, and in any case they do not increase.

Better of course to treat cracks in the cabin. Specialist with knowledge of the case and remove the device by using the “extra” skin around the crack, abrade the surface, and then lubricate the wound healing salve, and impose a tight bandage for a day. For complete recovery, during the week may have to grease the crack healing ointment.

If you seek professional help is not possible, then you will have to decide the issue of care for your feet with a paraffin mixture. To prepare this estimate as follows: must be melted paraffin wax in a water bath after adding salicylic acid (available at drugstores) and thoroughly mix. Dipped in the mixture and causes a bandage on the heel, when the first layer hardens – Apply the next layer. This was repeated several times. After the dress socks on all night and this morning handle pyatochku pumice. Soften the skin can also gruel of steamed wheat bran or mashed boiled potatoes in their jackets, with cabbage leaf compress or honey.

If the heel crack is very deep and with enviable regularity, in these cases will have to seek medical help. In the first case, the doctor may prescribe antibiotic ointment, and the second to eliminate fungal infections, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and other unpleasant diseases.

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