Freckles – efelidy appear in the spring and summer as a result of violations of pigment metabolism. At the same skin color changes under the influence of sunlight. The skin becomes darker, and some people with delicate and sensitive skin appear freckles – brown or brown spots.

This cluster of grains of dark pigment – melanin. It is formed from a colorless tyrosine on the border of the deep and superficial layer of skin. Therefore, freckles so hard to keep – to remove its surface layer.

Freckles occur at any age, mainly on the face, chest, back and arms. On the face, freckles are placed symmetrically on the cheeks, sides of the nose, malar areas, temples, sometimes even centuries.

Appearing in the spring, they “decorate” face all summer and autumn and winter fade or completely disappear. 20-25 years, the number of increases and the color intensity of individual spots increased.

After 30 years of age the number of freckles do not change, while painting them becomes paler.

After 40 years of freckles often completely disappear.

Paint freckles and their number depends on the strength of solar lighting clouds.


The first remedy against freckles – skin protection from the sun in spring time. At this time, the skin is more sensitive to sunlight. By the summer of the skin is already accustomed to the sun.

Special care for face, prone to freckles, is to use whitening creams and lotions. Their selection depends on skin type.

Good protection from the sun’s rays – wide-brimmed hat or umbrella.

The most reliable protection – the use of creams and ointments against sunburn.

If you acted a small amount of freckles or they are weakly stained, it is quite enough in the morning and evening, wipe the skin of onion juice, vinegar or lemon juice.

Very useful for any skin type before applying nourishing cream to lubricate the skin with lemon juice, grapefruit, sour cabbage. Apply the cream on wet face. The procedure can be repeated daily until a positive effect.

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