From the hip: a diet for the beach season

beautyIf you meet a woman who insists that it is not worried about the size of their thighs, you met a liar. Or young lady who argued that makes it look like she don’t care why they polneut sacred, even when I’m sitting on a diet? “or” Oh my God, they’re so fat! “. In fact, the hip really fatty (although obidnost′ formulations, different is not true). A Priori. As nature intended. And all these ploskopopye model and uzkobedrye beauty is nothing more than the result of a genetic mutation, a rare error in calculations of the creator and the evolutionary degradation.

“The deposition of fat on the hips and buttocks, women is a secondary sexual trait (like hair on the body) is a postulate, as proclaimed by the eskulapami of the 19th century, refute has not yet succeeded. If a woman is not converted a man and not a hermaphrodite, she always (have more with less) in the breeches have special, typical female fat cells (or, in a scientific way, anthropomorphic female type of lipid tissue), which define how lush are the buttocks and thigh-high.

It’s simple: the cells of adipose tissue there are two types of receptors are zirosohranausie and zirorastvorausie. The first react exclusively to the female sex hormones. As soon as the release of estrogen receptors are “zirosohranausie,” and begin their zapasausuu work (that’s why up to 14-16 years, has not yet started puberty, “outstanding form” the girls have a little).

Zirorastvorausie receptors are in General not inactive: they try to compensate for the “competitors”. But, alas, in problem areas (and this is the hips and buttocks) by lipid cell six times more receptors than žirosohranâûŝih žirorastvorausih. This, in our view, unfair advantage is quite logical: nature prepares the body to bear fruit and are comfortable with the Depo nutrient reserves in the nearby area.
To achieve the desired result will help specifically designed rules.

1. on the day you should consume no more than 1100 calories. More will not only offset the lipid balance,

However, logic is not the best consolation. Especially in the summer season and open kitchenette desperate swimwear. “Cut off” from the area of the riding-breeches extra 5-7 (and beyond if desired) centimeters dreams every second. Fitness in this matter it seems way too tedious and long, liposuction is too radical. The only way out is to diet.

“The fact that using a specially balanced diet you can reduce your thighs almost twice, is long proven fact,-assures the nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences Alina Stepanova. -The bottom line is to eat food (or combination thereof) that depress the žirosohranâûŝih receptors and thus stimulates-zirorastvorausih “.
but also metabolic disorders.

2. Drink a day at least eight glasses of water. And that’s from tea and coffee to tone the stomach mucosa and thereby awaken the appetite, it is better to give up. Besides a cup of coffee in the morning, on an empty stomach is a stress to the body. Responding to him as a message about future troubles, the body will begin to deposit fat with other force, that is, save for a rainy day.

3. the ideal breakfast should consist of a glass of low-fat yogurt and percentage of easy fruit salad of apples, pineapple (or canned), pear or melon. If you are accustomed to the more dense morning meal, you can eat toast with boiled chicken fillet. And don’t forget a couple of slices of black bread. More reliable antagonist žirosohranâûŝih cells has not yet been found. A caveat: pereborŝiš′ with norm-and antagonist will turn into fat storage accessory.
4. for lunch you can eat vegetable soup, a vegetable salad (veg-all panacea for those wishing to lose weight) in unlimited quantities.

5. Dinner might consist of buckwheat porridge dish with soy sauce or 100 grams of lean beef chop, grilled, mashed potatoes and a vegetable salad. Alternatively, three tablespoons of boiled rice with 50 grams of nastrogannoj chicken breast.

6. To combat bouts of hunger during the day (and they inevitably occur during the first week of the diet), you can use small portions of steamed cauliflower. Feature of this product is that it is resistant to gastric juices, time for digestion requires more, which means that you will be more free from military určaniâ in the stomach.
The average diet is two weeks. During this time, the hips should lose weight by at least 2-3 cm. Although much of course depends on hereditary factors.

And again: there is an indispensable companion to the diet for the thighs is a physical activity. Now that spring is already entered in their rights, and before the summer is close, evening walks and jogging in the morning no longer seem grueling workload.

If the daily walk at least 5 kilometers (that’s roughly an hour walk on average rate), rollerblading with her friends or wrap the circles on the bike, the extra pounds will go away faster. Besides, it’s a chance to make new acquaintances and a little Tan, think about important things or simply listen to your favorite tunes mp3 player.


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