Full girl became a Yoga instructor and a star

yogaNow the blog Yasmin for over 65 thousand subscribers, and with each passing day, this number is growing. No wonder, because the girl cannot be called a Reed makes such complex asanas and takes so intricate postures that many hudyskam and never dreamed! It easily sits on cords, stands on its head and demonstrates the flexibility of joints. And as the language turns to name a similar completeness “unhealthy”?

Yasmin Stanley started doing yoga just 4 years ago, but has already achieved tremendous results. Training began for this vocation — Yasmin not only works as an instructor, but also advises the girls don’t worry about completeness, to resist the negative influence from the mass culture, disdains the fat people.

Yasmin says that at one point I realized that he did not want to and cannot change your body, but you can change the attitude of society towards such as she. “The only person who has the right to control your life is you yourself, writes Yasmin. -Do not let the beat by other people affect you, because negative energy is the culprit for all troubles ”
In addition to the photos in the blog you can find a huge number of Yasmin motivational quotes:
“Sometimes you even see slow progress to feel much closer to this goal.
“I think it confuses when in the classroom instructor in front of you with the perfect figure.
“The main purpose of this practice is to wash all the stereotypes accumulated over many years and wash them until you realize who you really are.
“Your body is not an obstacle on the road of life, the obstacle is only your thoughts.”

Of course, the example we are greatly encouraged by Yamin, but there is bad news: Ooops, still Yoga to lose weight won’t help! For this purpose will have to choose another, more active activity.

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