How to get rid of wens on facial skin

facialEvery one of us strive to look good. And first of all it concerns our person. And besides the blackheads and pimples, which in most cases can be fought effectively, there are other diseases of the skin, which can cause a lot of problems. One of these diseases.

Before you answer the question: “how to get rid of wens on facial skin,” Let’s see what is the problem. What we used to call “Wen”, has a medical name “Lipoma. Lipoma is subcutaneous tumor that consists of cells of the adipose tissue. Because these tissues are spread almost all over the human body, and appearing Lipoma can, anywhere.

Do not cause pain. It’s more aesthetic and psychological problem. They also tend to grow, that is, from the original 1-2 mm, they can grow up to several centimeters.

At small sizes the Lipoma is considered non-hazardous to human health. But if they reach large sizes, it can cause circulatory disorders and sometimes lead to death.

What is the reason for these fatty tumors? Doctors ‘ views on this issue are still ambiguous. But the most common version States that the reason for the blockage of the Sebaceous ducts. It is worth noting that may appear for both women and men. However, the statistics says that in the past such tumors occur more frequently.

In connection with the property of Lipoma grow in size, to treat this ailment is necessary. Wait, that Wen will disappear by itself, just pointless. Unfortunately, the only effective treatment of Lipoma is surgical intervention.

Although the likelihood of malignant tumor Wen virtually zero, leave them on the body, especially on your face, is simply unreasonable. When it detects suspicious growths on the skin of the face, is to consult a physician immediately. If this is Wen, at small sizes it will be easier to remove the scar will remain microscopic.

If the size of the detected Wen small, then the operation is performed under local anesthesia for several minutes. In the future the patient will need to come only at the examination and dressings. At larger sizes of Lipoma is rarely necessary to hospitalize the patient for 1-2 days, followed by supervision of the surgeon.

With the development of medicine were found new methods of removing wens. For example, special injections that lead to resorption of Wen. However, this treatment option is applied only at small sizes.

In recent years its popularity has received such a way to remove the lipomas, like laser surgery. The so-called shelling method ensures that there are no scars on the skin. After a mild operation treatment to outpatient.

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