How to get rid of yellow teeth

yteethBefore I get to remove the yellow plaque, determine its cause. If this is the natural color of your teeth enamel painted uniformly, that affect the tone can only be sustained and very aggressive bleaching process, which can only make a dentist. Is it worth it? First, perfect white teeth is no longer in fashion, the entire world aspires to more natural shades. Secondly, the yellow enamel stronger, more secure, and protects the teeth bleaching, you destroy.

Fluorosis is a disease is rare, but possible. It arises from prolonged consumption of water with a high fluoride content. If teeth are not only turn yellow, but also covered melovidnymi stains, be sure to consult your doctor. From the initial forms easy to get rid of fluorosis-a doctor will prescribe bleaching and remineraliziru├╗┼Łu├╗ therapy. In the deep stages of bleaching is ineffective and aesthetic restoration.

To get rid of yellow plaque is simple enough, but even easier to avoid it. To do this, you need to follow basic oral hygiene, brushing your teeth, not only in the morning and in the evening, but after each meal. Worth to buy an electric toothbrush that cleans teeth more closely. If there are no forces to abandon the strong tea, coffee, red wine and smoking, then each time after the drinking of these beverages or smoking, also brush your teeth with a soft brush with special pastes for smokers and coffee lovers. If you do not wish to clean your teeth so often, stock up on apples. They not only help fight plaque, but still tasty and useful. Good whitening properties also have a crust of citrus fruits-they may be cleaned teeth, strawberry, carrot and celery. Even if there is no plaque on your teeth is not a reason to skip the annual visit to gigienistu.

Do not resort to such folk remedies, like baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. On the market right now many more benign means to whiten teeth the intensity of any

and in various forms. The mildest way-whitening rinse, followed by various toothpastes. More aggressive to tooth enamel special strips and trays with whitening gel. Dentist, assessing the condition of your teeth, can recommend various options for professional whitening or veneers.

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