Goiter: cause or consequence?

painIt happens that the natural balance of microorganisms is broken: vary their quantitative and qualitative composition. There are a variety of reasons, that can lead to a failure, for example, the banal overeating or emotionally intense day. But in a healthy body, it is very short: fails even after such a “radical” procedure, as colon hydrotherapy, initial microbial landscape restored for a few hours, up to a maximum of 24 hours.
But here’s the body, weakened by constant stress, unhealthy diet or trendy diets, uncontrolled self-medicate, especially with the use of antibiotics, are unable to keep their little helpers, and those start to perish. A holy place, as it is known, is never empty! And released “living space” are fungi and bacteria.

And that’s when the man begins to run on the doctors! The card is a huge number of different diagnoses, often contradictory, or I receive a mysterious entry-dysbacteriosis of the intestine.
Cause-and-effect confusion

Typically, the goiter is dump all the troubles related to violations and other ailments. And once installed the culprit, is appointed and appropriate therapy, which will in some way increase the amount of good bacteria and reduce the number of harmful. There are also activities for intoxication, i.e., chronic intoxication, liver function is supported. But this half-measures. After all, if one day a goiter, where is the guarantee that he will not appear again?
Dysbacteriosis of the intestine is a concept with which to characterize the microbiological balance disturbance of the intestinal microflora. This is not a diagnosis, it is a symptom that accompanies a disease or malfunction of the body. There is a certain reason, leading to massive loss of beneficial bacteria. And all attempts to settle their intestines “outside” are doomed to failure. Because the conditions that caused the loss of beneficial microbes, not to share!

You always have to look for the cause of menopause. Just restore microflora is meaningless, unless identified and worked out the State that caused it.
Eye specialist

Goiter are in most cases based on complaints (tippy stools, pain and discomfort in the abdomen, bloating, intolerance to certain foods, skin manifestations of allergies, weakness, etc.) and microbiological examination of feces, which detects the change in the ratio of useful and “bad” bacteria.

“Such an approach is clearly insufficient,” said head of the therapeutic Department of the Moscow Institute of cybernetic medicine clinic Vladimir Markov. -Because it does not find the cause of menopause. And therefore, the assigned treatment is often ineffective. Treatment should be directed at the cause, not the consequence-goiter. ”

what methods of diagnosis are you?
-We use an algorithm called survey of us “the gold standard of diagnosis”.
It is a complex of 20 studies that cover practically all the organs and systems and provide physician comprehensive information on processes occurring in the body. After all, every man passes his way to the disease, and of course, has its own individual causes.
There are many conditions which lead to the development of dysbacteriosis: diseases of gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular, infectious disease, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonotherapy.

And social factors play a part: physical or psychological overload, improper or unbalanced diet, lack of vitamins.

For 10 years of work in the clinic I became convinced that “the gold standard of diagnosis” allows the doctor to establish a proper diagnosis and develop a treatment strategy and tactics, optimally tailored to each person according to their individual peculiarities of its body.

But, probably, all the same, in most cases it is bowel disease?
-There are a large number of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which give a picture of the hair, such as the various syndromes of impaired intestinal absorption, resulting from the lack of an enzyme, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, etc. various Yes banal intestinal infections-as long as you want! By the way, the sharp increase in the number of patients with giardiasis, which previously been detected, usually in children.

In the clinic comprehensive treatment aimed at the underlying condition and restoration of the body’s internal resources. And in a healthy organism and microflora feels good! Along with it will come back and in good spirits, and will improve the appearance and, most importantly, will return in our natural defenses.

Try hard not to abuse it, my dear, is also one of the reasons for hair! But seriously, health to you, and simple human happiness-its so often lacking in our life!

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