Hair-lightening procedure & damages

Dodge is the process of removing the hair pigment, natural or not, no matter what product you use. Any tool that makes the hair at least four tones lighter removes pigments and thus lightening always leads to hair damage. The degree of damage depends on the quality of the used equipment and condition hair to lighten.

How does the Dodge

Tool for lightening hair raise the cuticle is thin protective layer and penetrates the cortex, the middle layer of the hair that is color pigment and all structures that give hair its strength, shape and texture. Then the pigment molecules are removed from the hair. The smaller the pigment molecules remain in the hair, the lighter the becomes radiant.

Lightening hair refers to the processes of oxidation. During this process the ingredients lightening agents (in fact, it is not a paint) release the oxygen molecules that bind pigment molecules and gradually dissolve them. This is why the longer you hold onto your hair, the more noticeable it becomes Dodge effect.

You cannot lighten hair without causing them harm. Once an open cuticle never become as smooth as before, and the result will be more rigid to the touch, dry hair. Such damage is considered minimal. Moderate damage affects the strength and porosity of the hair. Porosity is the ability of the hair to absorb and release moisture. Overly porous hair to absorb moisture very quickly and also give her quickly. Their color is fading fast, the ends split ends, hair becomes brittle and rebellious.

If you have suffered serious harm lightening the hair very easily break and fall out, and sometimes on the scalp there are burn marks.

Symptoms of hair damage

After lightening hair can become dry and brittle. often they look quite lifeless. Such hair is very hard to comb and style your. Wet light blond hair stick and comb them before full drying is not recommended, as they are very fragile.

Damage from lightening hair can be minimized if do Dodge in the barber shop. However, many still prefer to brighten your hair at home. Effect on the hair can be really awful.

If you do nothing, the damaged hair will continue to break down and split. The best way to deal with the consequences of lightening hair-make a short cut. With minimal and moderate damage to the hair, you can get by without it, but badly damaged, this measure is absolutely necessary.

If your hair is not too badly damaged, we recommend the use of shampoos, conditioners and styling products that contain specific proteins. Every week you need to carry out deep hair conditioning and doing various relaxation and nourishing mask. (Deep hair conditioning takes place as follows:-put the air conditioner on damp hair, distributing it throughout the length, reel up on the head of the towel, and after 30-40 minutes rinse hair with warm water). The hair should be cut every 3-4 weeks until they are fully recovered. Also, until the hair is not recovered, you must dry them sparingly and only when cold; straightening, curling and hot curlers can only worsen the condition of the hair.

Paint damaged during lightening hair can only be in the barbershop and hair more or less will be restored.

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