Health under the Jingle of coins

jingleThis time you decided to do a figure. But I don’t want to starve and until exhaustion “stick” in the gym. Then dance!

Well, in a sense, turn to bellidensom or in common-belly dance! Surprised? Remember the Asian women’s standard of beauty: small waist, fat tits, round hips. Of course, no guarantees instant results. All will depend on you. But a ton of fun, cheerfulness and energy will get! All in order.

Between us girls …
History of Oriental Dance has over 4000 years. Initially it was conceived as a temple dance and technology delivery. Professional dancer trained future Church moms movements and bracing, which facilitated the process of child birth. The dance was showing the “from and to”: conception, gestation of the fetus and, finally, the birth.

For most people, the belly-very nice and erotic dance. However, few people know that it is helping to solve many specific women’s problems.

For example, classes dance:
-have a positive effect on the colour of the person;
-help to get rid of the pain in the critical days, which many women are sitting on tablets;
-one month significantly improve the condition of the spine;
-After 2-3 months significantly develop flexibility of joints;
-improve coordination of movements, the vestibular system, had a beneficial effect on the joints, the cardiovascular system.
In addition, Oriental Dance requires smooth rhythmic breathing, making it easy to go from stressful situations: rhythmic breathing affects the pleasure centers. Release of endorphins-hormones of joy that improve mood.
And most importantly, long belly dance lessons, correct shape than any Simulator.

For pregnant women and not only …
For those women who have no children, belly dancing is a great preparation for childbirth, when without a strong physical stress develop deep abdominal muscles and pelvic organs. It is these muscles actively “work” at birth.

So, the future MOM it is useful to know that belly dance:
• learns to relax deep muscles (in childbirth this skill helps to reduce painful spasms);
• trains the muscles of the perineum (the more elastic the muscles, the less the likelihood of tearing during childbirth);
• provides expert load on the muscles of the legs (if the woman is holding the bout and part of the vertical powers on leg muscles is a colossal load);
• exceptional affects veins (good prevention of varicose veins, faced by most pregnant women);
• trains the muscles of the shoulder girdle, which helps preserve the shape of the breast;
• strengthens the muscles of the back (when the kid grows up and your stomach increases, these muscles are the primary load).
And, importantly, movements of belly dance can help you quickly recover form after the birth of the baby. After all the dancing woman skin more elastic. During pregnancy it is not stretched to scars, and after giving birth faster bounces back.
As an integral part of the belly-shaking-acts as expensive vibrating Massager, so often advertised on TV, which will eliminate the “orange peel”, suddenly appeared after the birth.

Attention: when the pregnancy belly dance classes are contraindicated. Though some doctors and assure that you can attend classes for a few months, but experts say unequivocally, no!

Beginner’s tips
Before you go live, you should consult with an experienced doctor. Of course, that not many specialists, who absorbed the intricacies of this dance. But you should realize that not every lecturer belly dance ready to take responsibility for your health. If you have a health problem, it is better to play it safe.

If not, then some useful recommendations for the first lesson:
a) not worth Dancing Barefoot! Better in socks or češkah;
b) during menstruation is better not to engage in, or costs significantly reduce the load;
in) try all the exercises in the classroom with a flat back.

If all the benefits and advantages are convincing, boldly zapisyvajsa the belly dance. Admit it, nothing fascinates men as women dance. And if the dance is delicate, beautiful and very erotic, success just provided.

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