Heat destroys tooth enamel

If you do not want to prevent the destruction of tooth enamel, try to maintain the water balance in the body. Dehydration is a greater danger to the teeth, as experts warn.

In large parts of Russia came hot days. Weather has temperature records, and it is more important not to forget that water is an essential part of the human body. Our body is 60-75% water, and every cell of the body to function properly requires water. The teeth on this issue is no exception.

In our mouth is about a milliliter of saliva, if the water balance is in the normal range. Saliva acts as a buffer, which neutralizes the pH-level in the mouth when we consume food and drinks. It also prevents tartar too easy to settle on the surface of the teeth, which prevents the destruction of tooth enamel. And just as we all need saliva to help in the process of chewing and digestion, it is also necessary to wash the teeth leftovers.

But when our body is dehydrated (a condition called xerostomia), then in the mouth there is a feeling of dryness. Xerostomia can lead to difficulties with speech, swallowing, burning sensation and hoarseness. Lack of saliva causes many problems for the teeth, including the erosion of tooth enamel and further decay.

“I do not think that all people fully understand the importance of saliva in the mouth, – professor of family dentistry at the University of Iowa, Dr. Anna Diaz-Arnold. – This realization comes later, when the body starts dehydration, and mouth, as they say,” dry ” . Saliva is essential to the health of the teeth, so I highly recommend not to forget to maintain the water balance in your body. On hot days, drink lots of fluids. I recommend plain water or iced tea. Remember that orange juice is harmful to tooth enamel. If you can not dispense the drink, then at least drink it through a straw. “

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