Hiromassage – a special technique, it is absolutely indispensable in the care of a person.

Hiromassage – a special technique, which incorporated various techniques of classical and oriental massage systems, chiropractic and kinesiology.

The work takes place and use your finger, fingers, and palm and the base of it, and even the forearm and elbow. In engineering, many

techniques hiromassage kneading of the body and face (that is, passive exercises of the muscles), which give us the ability to work on muscles, joints, circulatory and nervous systems, taking into account the precise anatomical landmarks.

Technique hiromassage absolutely indispensable in caring for the person. With its help solve simultaneously several sets of problems:

treatment of rosacea;

restoration of an oval face;

increase skin elasticity;

increase muscle tone and skin;

nutrition and hydration;

enriching the skin with oxygen;

elimination of toxins;

activation of cell regeneration;

removal of muscle fatigue;

removal of edema (lymphatic drainage);


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