Hirsutism, its causes

Violation of hormonal women can have different symptoms. One sign of hormonal imbalance is the appearance of a woman’s hair in atypical places – on the face, body and limbs. This phenomenon may be a variant of the norm, an innate feature of women, most often related to the southern type.

What is hirsutism and its causes

Hirsutism – is excessive hairiness in women, expressed appearance mustaches, beards, and the growth of coarse hair on the back, chest and stomach. Hirsutism may meet some endocrine, neuroendocrine diseases and in healthy women as a sign of individual features. Cause of hirsutism – increased secretion of male sex hormones (androgens) or increased tissue sensitivity to its action.


constitutional hirsutism – occurs in healthy women, most of the southern nations; neobilnoe body hair usually, but if you pull out your hair and shave, their growth is enhanced and they grow coarse, treatment of this type of hirsutism is not required;

hirsutism caused by the introduction of the male sex hormones to treat (eg, cancer, female genital mutilation), hirsutism, neuroendocrine disease occurs when, for example, in some tumors, menopausal disorders, pituitary Cushing, adrenogenital syndrome, etc.;

hirsutism, occurring in lesions of the central nervous system (brain tumors, encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy);

hirsutism that occurs when local effects on the skin or skin diseases.

Hirsutism in various diseases

With the introduction of women with breast cancer or ovarian cancer, drugs male sex hormones (androgens), together with the appearance of hirsutism they observed a violation of menstruation and the emergence of other male traits, such as a low voice. After androgen withdrawal, these phenomena are gradually disappearing.

When adrenogenital syndrome (a disease that occurs when the adrenal cortex increased with the release of large amounts of androgens) associated with the growth of tissue of the adrenal cortex with age in women have a beard and mustache, hair growth on the body, the hair on his head cut off. Application of this disease corticosteroids, which inhibit the production of androgens leads to a decrease of hirsutism. If hirsutism is associated with a tumor of the adrenal cortex (androsteromoy), it will only remove it.

In some diseases, ovarian hirsutism combined with primary infertility and uniform obesity. Thus, in polycystic ovary they increase in size and begin to produce increased amounts of androgens, which contributes to the appearance of hirsutism, obesity and infertility. After treatment, the female sex hormone progesterone or the operation of resection of the ovary, these effects are reduced. Pronounced hirsutism may also occur when ovarian tumors.

Hirsutism often appears with Cushing’s disease (a disease of the hypothalamic-pituitary region of the brain responsible for the functioning of all the endocrine glands, which under the influence of pituitary hormone secretion increases dramatically adrenal hormones, including androgens). Hirsutism in this disease are much less than for tumors of the adrenal cortex or the ovary and passes only in the suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary system.

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