How to care for skin after 45 years?

Êàê ïðàâèëüíî íàíîñèòü êðåìIf you are over 40 years of age, try every day evening to wash your face with a mild (gentle) with SOAP way. Did not keep the Soapsuds on the face. After washing your face very generously smear a greasy cream on the face. Every three days to clean and nourish the skin oatmeal: crushed dry oats in a blender, bred milk or water and the chyme is applied on the face. The need to wash only when the oat flour is completely dry.

Oatmeal miraculously takes care of mature skin.
Cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing is still not a complete treatment of mature skin. Morning wipe your face with ice cubes. In the evening, once a week, apply on face a steamed towel-this is recommended before applying an oatmeal mask.
Be beautiful and remember that after forty five years life has just begun!

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