How to dye your hair at home: Lessons of beauty

The desire to save on hairdressing services often makes a bold experiment to start coloring hair at home. If correct choice of color and knowledge of a few simple secrets of manipulation can succeed. The result will affect the hair and appearance holders luxurious shiny hair color.

Choosing Paint..

The very first step to self-coloring is the right choice of hair color. The shelves are full of cosmetic departments variety range is wide, it does not get lost in the names, purposes, and as a coloring agent. The choice will depend upon the purpose of painting. What color and shade should happen as a result? What is the length of hair? Do feature gray painting? Choosing color and foreground color, you should consult with a stylist or explore such options and features of appearance, the type of person, form hair, even the time of year.

Save on paint should not be, otherwise, instead of luxury “hair Chervonnaya ore” can be obtained as a result of a miserable rat tail. For long thick hair will need two packages of paint, for short haircuts enough one. Perfect color can be achieved by selecting the shade of paint for two or three shades lighter or darker than the natural hair color. Radically coloring hair, you can get into a long depression. The purpose of a home painting – fix one’s hair, personalize and minimize the damage caused by chemical paints.

Stages of home hair coloring

Before you start coloring hair, you need to analyze all the factors: the presence and percentage of gray hair, the quality of the structure of hair – thick or sparse, thin or thick. How often hair were foreign aggression – Effects fen, ploek, chemical treatments. After you have selected the tone, color and amount of ink needed to test for sensitivity, it is written in the instructions for use of each of cosmetics. In the crook of the elbow causing a small amount of paint and leave for a day, if at the end of this time, redness and irritation does not appear, the paint can be safely used.

Recommended to apply paint from the back, as this area of the head slower than other stain. Then quickly apply paint brush at the roots, clump by clump. Finish painting, spreading paint on the entire length of hair with special comb, fluff foam and wrapped in foil, a cap and a warm towel for the time specified in the instructions. Perederzhivat paint is not recommended, as it can disrupt the structure of the hair and make them dry, brittle, lifeless. The speed of coloring preparations depends on the individual – hair density and structure. The tips of the hair and painted earlier sections need less time to color intensity. Wash off the paint with water, using a balm for colored hair.

It is important to know

Staining fatal can affect the health of the skin and hair are ready in case of pregnancy and during the critical days, when there is hormonal changes in the body and hair pigmentation changes. If your scalp is sore, bruises and cuts, coloring contraindicated until full recovery. After the recent perm staining is not recommended, hairdressers advised to take a break for two weeks.

Store the finished emulsion ink is useless to the next color, it will lose its effect. The use of hair dyes to color the eyebrows and eyelashes are not just stupid, but also very dangerous. In such cases it is better to remember the bold experiment Kitties Vorobyaninov leader of the nobility of painting hair radical black. His attempts ended gaining bald skull with a light hand enterprising Ostap Bender.

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