How to get rid of komarinogo bite with the help of improvised means

kamaringoIce cube

In summer, everyone there is ice in the fridge. Apply an ice cube to bite: cold relieves swelling and ease the pain. By the way, the Council specifically to treat mosquito bites in the water, you can add a few drops of Mint oil and then freeze. Thus, the only ice usilits

Menthol balm

This inexpensive tool sold in every drugstore. The composition included balm, mint menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oils. Thanks to this, ointment first warms the skin area skin, relieving pain, and then cools, prolonging the analgesic effect.

Apple Cider vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar is appropriate in case of emergency, if you are faced with a mass of stinging and stinging insects. Take a bath, by giving her a couple of cups of means. Due to the Malic acid itching from uskusov will soon pass.


Tea is another way to relieve irritation on the skin, thanks to its contained therein gives a substance. Make a sachet, and filtrate it, apply to the bite and wait when the itching stops.

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