How to learn to paint beautiful eyelashes

Good makeup will not be perfect, without a fine beaded eyelashes. In Your beautician should be sure to mascara. The tips of the lashes of many dull, because the tinting eyelashes mascara and lashes get the thickness and color.

Tips on how to learn well, to paint eyelashes.

1. Should be degreased cilia, because oily hair mascara badly kept.

2. Brush mascara should be the correct form. Optimal dense brush, not long, narrowing to come.

3. No need to recruit a lot of paint brush, because the cilia stick together. If high-quality ink on the brush as much water falls, it is necessary.

4. Mascara should be the freshest. If the paint starts to crumble, you must purchase the newest mascara.

5. Dyeing eyelashes should begin by mid-century and first half of the exterior paint, and later inside.

6. Necessary to conduct ink from the roots to the tips of lashes. Carcasses must be given to dry up, and later again to paint.

Coloring eyelashes Chem.

Cilia can learn to paint just like the hair. Holds paint for about a month. This is great during the holidays, when you resort to the very minimum in cosmetics. This feature is ideal thing to do in beauty salons, home criteria is rather laborious process, and better let it go professional.

Cilia are in need of care.

Healthy cilia do not need any special care, because every morning mascara and makeup is washed off. Once removed from the face makeup, imposed a night cream on your face and the fact that the cilia are ingested, it is enough to eat.

What do I need to do to ensure the growth of eyelashes?

Nothing, to the chagrin. All that is inherent at the gene level, and what color, what length and thickness, it will not change. Several months the life of the individual hairs. Deplumation usually do not notice because the new lashes are growing up is the same length.

What is the best mascara?

Nevodostoykaya ink.

Not water-resistant paint – so called salivary and creamy mascara Mascara. Salivary ink consists of ingredients such as at least some cream, specifically from fat. Before use, dry the pill should be dampened. Dignity of this mascara for eyelashes it more sparingly. Cosmetics simply removed from the face lotion or cosmetic milk. Big drawback that the rain it do not go, ink will flow.

Cream Mascara composition is the same as that at least some cream from the fat and water. Added here dyes and preservatives, putty, became not so long ago, adding lanolin, so as not to become brittle and dry lashes and kerotin to strengthen hair.

Waterproof mascara.

In the waterproof mascara waterproof resin added. Such ink forms a strong film and adds length. Remove waterproof mascaret by using fatty cream.

Mascara for beautiful lashes.

You can not naturally say about the quality of the ink you use. For the weakened lashes need to use nutritional mascara comes in the castor oil.

If you have problems with the skin, then use mascara for sensitive eyes without flavorings or preservatives. Looking for a cheap ink, and buy ink, proven positive marks. Do not use mascara for a long time, because 100 days after unpacking, it loses its useful properties…

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