How to raise blood pressure

bloodIt is important to know that to date no medicines that can safely raise your blood pressure. All of the affordable medicines have different side effects and may not be used permanently.

First of all, you need to determine the cause of the problem, the permanent control of parameters and use proven ways that individual for each patient. These methods help maintain blood pressure at a safe and comfortable level, in a timely manner, preventing its fall.

The main methods of struggle with hypotonia include:

1. Regular stay outdoors at any time of the year (hiking, jogging)-physical activity improves the tone and condition of the blood vessels, and physical activity stimulates blood circulation and improves the General State of health;

2. Special complexes, exercise, aerobics, biking, swimming and performing morning exercise at home;

3. Morning Douches-pour alternately hot and cold water for 5 minutes-it tones up muscles and strengthens the walls of blood vessels;

4. Massage relaxes the muscles, activating blood circulation and tonifying body with hypertension showed neck massage and soles (for stimulation of biologically active points);
5. Drinking regime;

An adequate amount of fluids in the body has a positive effect on blood pressure indicators (with insufficient drinking mode pressure is reduced), especially during intensive physical loads and on hot days;
6. regular sleep (at least 8-9 hours per day);

In the absence of full sleep problems associated with a low pressure, marked by chronic fatigue and persistent headaches.

7. A healthy, balanced diet;

In the diet of the hypertensive should prevail products rich in protein, grains, cereals, vegetables, beans, meat, nuts. As well as spicy dishes, seasonings (except garlic), rye bread, fruits, Greens. Of dairy products in the diet must be present fermented baked milk, yogurt, cottage cheese. There is a need in the small portions, 5-6 times per day, meals should contain enough vitamins and minerals.
To increase pressure use sweet tea, honey, cinnamon, coffee, chocolate.
8. Herbal Medicine-herbal teas and infusions of herbs (Echinacea, ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Lemongrass, levezei, rhodiola rosea, USA).
Effective compilation if hypertension is a mixture of Hawthorn flowers (40 Gr.), leaves the Shepherd’s bag (30 oz.) and mistletoe (30 Gr.). Two teaspoons of evening collection pour a glass of boiled water and push until the morning. An infusion of herbs take every day on an empty stomach.

These drugs and infusions of herbs can be taken after prior consultation with a physician and under the control of blood pressure.

9. do not get up in the morning sharply from bed, starting the day slowly and without haste;

10. periodically change the position of the body, especially try not to stand too long in one position, this can be difficult to blood flow to the heart and brain, which can lead to faintness.

11. There is a need to avoid stuffy rooms.

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