Increase lips with makeup

Owners of thin lips do not be upset, we know a few secrets as to give them a visual volume, and gladly tell you about it …

Board 1. When choosing a lipstick or lip gloss, you should choose lighter shades. Thanks to them, your lips will look much more elaborate.

Tip 2. Do not forget to use a lip pencil, his tone should also be solid.

Tip 3. On cleavage, which is located on the upper lip, apply a bit of cream, which is composed of light-reflecting particles.

Tip 4. At the center of the lower lip, apply very little light shine.

Tip 5. There is another trick: just swipe circuit is slightly higher than is natural line of your lips. Be used for these purposes should pencil in the tone of your skin. Just make sure that such a circuit looked at your face naturally. For a more natural shade can it on the lips with a brush or applicator.

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