Injection technique Rejuvenation: biorevitalization

In the near future in fashion comes injection method of rejuvenation, where biorevitalization the midst of them occupies a prominent place. Under biorevitalisation it is worth understanding how the natural process of revitalizing the skin. This technique, in which with the help of injections, restores vitality, color and skin elasticity. The essence of the technique biorevitalisation boils down to what intradermally introduced low-molecular hyaluronic acid, on this, the skin begins to produce hyaluronic acid without the assistance of others.

In short, intradermal introduction of a cosmetic product launches self-healing mechanism of the skin.

On the skin there are first signs of aging, when the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases. Hyaluronic acid produced in the human body, responsible for elasticity, firmness and skin tone. The technique involves the introduction of biorevitalisation natural hyaluronic acid injected intradermally.

The procedures are dermatologist-cosmetologist. The doctor picks up a product, technology introduction, prepare a personal plan for each, sets of procedures. Ordinary procedure contains three or four sessions, the interval of 2-3 weeks. Virtually ruled out any allergic reaction as a product similar to one hundred percent natural hyaluronic acid. When the procedure is finished biorevitalisation are advised to avoid sudden temperature changes. Based on these judgments, it is better not to visit some time bath, sauna and solarium.

Injection has the right to make only a certified special, having respectively a certificate for the embodiment of cosmetic practice. Med clinic or beauty salon to have the same respective certificate.

According to professionals, biorevitalization can be performed on all patients seen no decrease in turgor, skin tone and elasticity. The reason for the similar phenomenon is particularly irrelevant. Biorevitalisation procedures carried out in case

– Dry, aging skin

– Dehydration of the skin

-Reduction elasticity and skin turgor

– Aging of the skin as a result of the adverse effects of UV rays of the sun, smoking and stress

– If you want to restore the skin after chemical peeling procedures, and laser resurfacing

– If there is a need to rehabilitate after undergoing plastic surgery

– Varying degrees of pigmentation

In the middle of dignity biorevitalisation must be emphasized:

– Quick impact

– Higher efficiency

– Painless

Use biorevitalisation can be in all areas of the skin, face, neck, décolleté, hands. This method triggers skin regeneration, deep hydration, restores elasticity and tone, activates microcirculation.

Contraindications include the presence of procedure biorevitalisation

– Inflammatory processes in the zone, which is to be processed

– Volume of acquired diseases

– During pregnancy and breastfeeding

– Allergic reactions to the product

Biorevitalization is very popular and effective technique. Due process biorevitalisation becomes likely to beat the aging of skin and different degrees of deformation are also disadvantages. After conducting the procedure significantly improves the complexion, fade wrinkles, rosacea and pigment spots and cuperosis. With the help of biorevitalization not only improves the appearance of the skin, and restores the structure, which is peculiar to young skin, slows the aging process.

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