Intimate hair removal with an electric appliance

Electrical appliance works like tweezers, pluck a few hairs at a time. Intimate hair removal using elektroepilyatora ─ a very painful procedure and the most suitable patient. It is better to use this method of hair removal intimate hair removal only to the pubic. Previously they have to be cut to a length of 1 cm intimate hair removal is best done after a hot bath, the skin should be well dried and treated with antiseptic.

After the procedure, intimate hair removal should lubricate the skin, soothing gel or cream, and for two weeks, you can forget about the hair. New hairs will grow back softer, but can vrostat the skin. To prevent this, but daily, after an intimate hair removal using a soft body scrub. For the region of the labia majora this method of hair removal intimate does not fit.

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