Is there a vaginal orgasm?

sexIn the journal of Clinical Anatomy was scandalous article, which has raised on the ears of the world. Vaginal orgasm is a myth, claim Italian scientists. We investigated and found out where the truth is here.
It is not difficult to imagine what a wave of resentment rose following a statement by Vincenzo and Julia Puppo, scientists from the Centre for Sexology, University of Florence. “How come? — voprosali women all over the world. As it turns out, we struggled in vain all these years? Why are we over Karelian figures out in search of a G? Why nalegali the vaginal muscles and trained the muscles of the vagina? “But give up early. Researchers shall have no right to deprive us of the pleasure, they only offered to look into the question.

The posudi: where we have all the information about vaginal orgasm? How to learn to divide it into two types? Who told us about it? Girlfriend? Heroines of the series?

It all began with Freud. In his view, if a woman prefers clitoral stimulation to the normal sexual intercourse as she was ill, that is frigidna. This idea was picked up by physiologists to psychiatrists. Only do that with the poor ladies, to free them from the “insensitivity”! In 1951, a pupil of Freud to Marie Bonaparte wrote a book “women’s sexuality”, in which the clitoris vagina as far klitorocentricnost′ and even muzepodobnost′u. It proposed to operate bednazek, artificially lowering the clitoris closer to the entrance of the vagina, to participate directly in the sexual act. The gynecologists came up with a simple operation that can make each complaining about the absence of the vaginal orgasm. That is, scientists have been ready to change the female anatomy to fit their vision of the world!
The fact of the matter is that classic Sexology was exclusively male science, women’s function was simple: deliver delight to partners. Naturally, all the power of doctors and psychologists have thrown to bind our pleasure exclusively to the vagina, as the rich and useful body: it takes a man, it is a conception of it we are born, finally. And it will be great if she would be responsible for the biggest Orgasm. And not at all useless clit.

Men do not have orgasms — is the gift of ejaculation, the semen into the vagina, and is op! -new life. Coming out, and women should not feel pleasure in vain. It was believed that our orgasm helps fertilize. Being reduced to learned and spasms, the uterus faster pushes the sperm toward the goal. This was called the theory of suction.
There is no reason to envy

In the 1960 ‘s gynecologist William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the psychologist for the first time denied vaginocentricnuu Freud’s theory in his book “human sexual response”, which is literally turned upside down by science about the intimate lives of people. They observed about 7500 of complete sexual cycles in women and made some sensational findings. They are totally refuted the theory of suction, inviting participants to experiment masturbate with uterine caps, filled with seed liquid. The presence or absence of orgasm does not affect the process of conception, they found. But the main opening of the Masters and Johnson that, in their view, women are only one type of orgasm is clitoral. They were right, but this discovery, scientists had something more important — they led the feminists.

Armed with the works of Masters and Johnson, as well as the dvuhtomnikom “the second sex” grandmother of feminism Simone de Beauvoir, these little ladies have despised our main reproductive organ-vagina-and gave the Palm again, gentle, created solely for the pleasure of the clitoris. And most importantly, they have ensured that the woman is not suffering from a vaginal orgasm, no longer considered frigidnoj.

“The myth of the vaginal orgasm is the most famous article of that time. Its author, a militant activist Anna Koet, proves that in all the processes involved the clitoris, and thanks to him we get orgasm. Moreover, it asserts that the number of nerve endings, the composition of the cavernous tissue and presence of genital corpuscles it is very reminiscent of the Member. Moreover, it is a full erektil′nyj body, that is in an excited state, it increases in size. And if the clitoris is the female member, then we have no reason to envy men.

The male reproductive system was exhaustively by the 70 years of the 20th century, using the most advanced technologies, and the first mikroinnervacia of the clitoris with MRI was performed only in the year 1998. It was then learned that on the surface is just the tip of the clitoris, in he is much bigger and has the appearance of long legs, which are held in the grounds of the labia minora.

Modern scientists have proved that the clitoris, both outside and inside, almost always involved in getting a vaginal orgasm with the exception of some poses. Vincenzo and Julia Puppo insisting that vaginal and clitoral orgasm is the wrong terms, and offer to replace them with a single-women’s. Scientists believe: vaginal orgasm is caused by stimulation of all erectile bodies of women, which includes the clitoris, vestibular bulbs on each side of the entrance to the vagina, and the pars intermedia is a thin strip of connecting them, as well as sensitive areas in the labia minora and at the entrance to the urethra. A recent study published in the journal Nature Reviews Urology, found that for an orgasm is not a body, and klitoral′no-vaginal set (CUV). That is, our orgasms is the result of hard work by the entire reproductive system. In this way, we can be totally different pleasure, not being stuck on the notorious two types. Every orgasm is a real, if it leads to emotional drain and the sense of satisfaction.
Only point

As it turned out, that people will have forgotten about the “heart of the flower”, an area on the front wall of the vagina, which was well known in ancient China. Remembered about this magical area only in the 1950 ‘s by the German gynecologist Ernst Grèfenbergu. But for the opening of the scientist is not treated with due attention because, unlike the Masters and Johnson, he lived not in America, but in conservative Germany. Public appreciation for the importance of the opening of the German physician until much later, but to prove scientifically the existence of G scientists and could not. Here, for example, recently one Italian, Emanuele Giannini of the University of L’aquila by ultrasound scanned the entire urertro-vaginal area, where the majority of women, is the deepest point. The ultrasound study were as patient, who claimed they have vaginal orgasms and unhappy that it was not. As a result it was found that in the first group of fabrics in the area between the urethra and the vagina tighter. Giannini interprets this as: “women who have no visible signs of the existence of a G, not able to experience vaginal orgasms”. Scientist believes that the existence of a G-spot can be checked with a simple ultrasound. Other researchers have disputed the theory of Giannini, they say, is not clear, what is the point — a separate body or just the inner part of the clitoris. And still believe that this is not a point, but the whole area and the size of the individual. Interesting work. Scientists know what the composition of the soil on Mars pulled Higgs bosons and clone sheep, but still not sure whether point G in fact. The only thing that pleases, is the latest trend in the scientific world: scientists with one voice declare that share the types of orgasms is a waste of time.

To sort out the chaos of opinions, you just need to go to practice. Only having trusted your senses, a woman can understand which points on her body are responsible for pleasure. But there is a main condition is like any experiment, search key to orgasm requires full concentration on his feelings. Because, unlike male female orgasms are born in my head, and only in moments of complete relaxation. And all the women of the world, rather than fret about the existence of the vaginal orgasm, you need to simulate.

We will be able to experience the true pleasure only when stop yammering, as Porn actress. How can you build a Sasha Grey and relax, concentrate on internal feelings, understand the subtle nuances of their feelings? No Way. We forget that times have changed. We no longer need to hold on to a man grip and can be fun to wave him handle in response to the comment about the frigidity. Back in 1973, the feminist W Hite has allowed women to know that if they can not reach orgasm through sexual contact, this does not mean that they have strayed from the norm — they can hope for more and more gentle sexual attention. Do not forget about it. Ever.
And yet there it is

Vaginal orgasm is not a myth. He is as real as the clitoral, Mare, deep, Jet, masturbacionnyj, koital′nyj, ekstrakoital′nyj, pikoobraznyj, undulating, multiple, strong, moderate, weak, pettingovyj, emotional. Types of orgasm dozens more than that, each of us is a completely different sensation through the zone. The more sensitive the entrance to the vagina, the clitoris, some of us are aware of the point G since the loss of virginity, and for someone in thirty-she Riddle.

We believe or don’t believe the scientists, time or speak the truth girlfriends, simulate an orgasm or try to reach an agreement with our partners. But the main thing is we trust yourself and your feelings. Because the truth is that scientists have proven again. The truth is in our sensations. Watch for themselves. Believe yourself.

And finally relax.

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