Laser skin biorevitalization-laser mesotherapy

Hyaluronic acid – a natural polymer that provides the skin’s hydration. Many processes occurring in the skin, in one way or another connected with the presence of hyaluronic acid. 30-35 years, the number of hyaluronic acid in the dermis remains quite stable after – begins to decline dramatically, as signal appearing at the time the signs of biological aging – reducing the moisture content, deterioration of tone, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The principle of action:

All methods are based on biorevitalisation injections Hyaluronic acid in the surface layers of the skin.

Bezinektsionnaya biorevitalization laser on the machine Vitalaser 500 can achieve long-term injections without increasing the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin, which is equivalent to its rejuvenation for several years. Laser “mesotherapy” provides significant cosmetic and revitalizing effect, does not cause allergies and any complications.

Laser skin biorevitalization allows multiple increase hyaluronic acid content in the skin: under the influence of laser radiation, the opening of transport channels and active penetration through these low-molecular fractions of hyaluronic acid in the deeper layers of skin. In the dermis under the influence of the laser molecules of hyaluronic acid restores the original structure and volume, which provides long lasting hydration and regeneration of the skin with a powerful lifting effect.

Main advantages:

The immediate effect after the first treatment that lasts a few days.

The results of the course are stored at least 6 weeks. With moderate care supports, the obtained effect is prolonged for up to 6 months.

For the procedure, characterized by the absence of contraindications, side effects and recovery time.

Laser biorevitalization enhances the effect of injections of hyaluronic acid.


Significant reduction of wrinkles

Effective moisturization

Smoothing the skin surface and then narrowing

Lip augmentation

Increased skin elasticity

Apparent rejuvenation of the skin

Rapid recovery of the skin after solar and thermal burns

Accelerated healing of traumatic scars and operating.

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