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legThe weight loss diet feet

As you know, when a person is overweight, he basically increase in volume of hip and waist, as this is the favorite place of fatty deposits. However, there are situations where all the fat in the legs, thus giving them err on the side of completeness. There are also situations when a person relieves excess weight and shape is perfect, except for the feet, which are considerably better than the whole body. In order to lose weight you must carry out the appropriate leg exercise, and use the best weight loss diet. As a result of the unremitting efforts and strict adherence to all the items on the diet significantly reduced the amount of legs. Sometimes just to eat right and adjust the daily menu and a list of products it includes. But it is not necessary to resort to quick diets that will not give the desired effect, such as prolonged and strenuous diet and sport.
Rules and tips weight loss diet feet

First of all, you should be aware of the extreme importance of fruits and vegetables, as well as their daily presence in the diet. Because they contain antioxidants that help neutralize the effects of free radicals on the body. That is why during the diet slimming foot should be no products containing fats. Also categorically prohibits fried foods, spicy foods and spices. Excluded from the daily menu, chocolates and confectionery. You do not limit yourself to use oily fish, because they contain omega-3 acids prevent clogged blood vessels. Must be present in the products, which contain vitamins a and c are useful and necessary during the diet products containing potassium. Welcome low fat yogurt, wheat germ and soy. It should focus on additional exercise for weight loss.
Leg slimming diet menu

List of foods that can be eaten when dieting for weight loss of legs:

-fatty fish (salmon and sardine);
-fruit (Kiwi, strawberries, oranges, and bananas);
-dried fruits, especially apricots;
-vegetables (carrots, red peppers, potatoes, and cabbage, green onions, lettuce, garlic, chilli pepper);
-beef liver.

Breakfast should include foods from this list. The total amount of energy value of these products must not exceed 400 calories. You can have tea or coffee with milk, but only excluded sugar. Lunch and dinner are also consist of products specified in the list. The total amount of the energy value should not be more than 450 calories. When feeling hungry, you can eat between meals not more than 100 grams of apples or oranges. Advised drinking a glass of fresh juice or infusion of hips without sugar.
Reviews on diet slimming foot

Of course, reviews many accented attention to the hardness of this diet. But many, especially those who had used his own experience that it is really effective diet for weight loss. So how do I get rid of fat on the legs is considered one of the most difficult tasks, there are opinions that this diet helps deal with it. What do you think about this? Have tried this diet? What do you know the recipes for this diet?

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