Ringworm – a common skin disease related to a group of dermatoses. Pathogens herpes are different types of pathogens: viruses, fungi.

The etiology of some forms is still unknown. Regarding the causes of disease and the factors that encourage its development, there are many versions of: stress, genetic factors, infectious etiology (viral), impaired immunity, allergic reaction to taking certain medications. It is believed that the disease often occurs against a background of supercooling of the organism, SARS.

The disease occurs more often in men and women aged 30-70 years, however, occurs in young. Flow is characterized by varying duration: from several months to several years, as well as different start, as the

gradual and rapid, sudden.

Usually manifests itself zoster rash of red or pink in color with irregular outlines, vesicles. Rarer pustules. Localization process can be different, but most lesions are located on the extremities, back, neck, scalp, and in some cases – in the mouth, genitals.

Approximately 20% of cases the disease does not differ pronounced symptoms and requires no treatment. But often the patient’s worries constant intense itching.

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