A little bit about the culture of hygiene

intimateUnfortunately, most beautiful ladies in our country do not know how to properly care for your intimate areas. Some simply do not know how to contain them clean, others, on the contrary, completely deprive your body of protection using chlorinated water, syringes and alkaline SOAP. The use of special means for intimate hygiene in our country is not accepted, and the use of conventional means, for example, cosmetic soaps, leads to vagina.

Secret # 1: scientists have proved that a woman with a healthy vaginal microflora has minimal risk of contracting AIDS (1: 150).
If a woman experiences dryness, irritation and other feelings in the intimate areas, it just means that her intimate hygiene products cannot cope with this task, to put it simply, it does not provide: moisturizing, softening and protection.
High-quality gel for intimate hygiene must:
restore the natural microflora;
consist of natural components;
have a sour pH.
Any intimate hygiene products include of lactic acid, which maintains the normal acid-base balance in the intimate zone. The fact of the matter is that the mucosa has a sour pH value, but because the SOAP for intimate hygiene is not necessary-it may cause a yeast infection.

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