Mederma: education and the development of scar tissue

The development of scar tissue is complex and has yet to be fully studied process consisting of many parts, which include physiological, biochemical and cellular reactions. To a scar formed correctly, use special medicines.

How is scar formation

On the skin at the site of the wound or any other damage (e.g., after junior eels) starts to grow the connective tissue with elastic fibers, which closes the defect (tripe).

The scar is formed like this: first, the destroyed skin cells begin to release biologically active substances that cause inflammation in the tissues. To the home of inflammation was immediately sent to fibroblast cells, which produce a special protein-collagen. Collagen fibers gradually fill the defect of the fabric, forming a young scar – red and oedematous. During the healing of wounds and scar formation are different processes, including education and the demise of new cells, collagen formation and resorption of its surplus. In order to implement these processes, the first defect is surrounded by numerous newly formed blood vessels, then, when a young tripe, gradually zapustevat′. Scar formation is a long process, it lasts for more than a year. The importance of the individual characteristics of the organism.

A special place is occupied by scars, which are formed after acne and could very much change for the worse human appearance. In adolescence, when acne is very often such scarring can cause severe psychological trauma.

Sometimes scar formation is disrupted, collagen is not resolved and it leads to the formation of rough scars. To prevent the formation of bad scarring, there are special medicines.

Mederma gel for cosmetic scars

Mederma is a gel designed to treat cosmetic scars. For example, the scars left behind by acne or other skin rashes, as well as stretch marks-white stripes on the skin caused by connective tissue located in the deep layers of the skin. The skin may stretch during pregnancy, if the man is quickly putting on weight, and so on.

Hypoallergenic Mederma gel is used to prevent the formation of rough scars. It can be used immediately after the end of the acute inflammatory process in the skin, to prevent the formation of rough scars. Mederma is composed of medicines alantoin and cepalin with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerative effects. In addition, Mederma moisturizes the skin – it removes the unpleasant feeling of tightening from scar tissue and creates a feeling of comfort. As a result of such impact scars are smoothed out, become more elastic, pale and less noticeable (completely remove scars impossible).

Indications and contraindications for the use of Medermy

Mederma is applied within 3-6 months and more:

for the treatment of scars resulting from minor skin injuries, such as acne, various cosmetic procedures (dermabrasion, laser therapy, and so on) after the removal of tattoos;

treatment for stretch marks that formed after pregnancy or rapid weight changes;

for the treatment of scars after burns when scalding was not more than 3-6 months;

for the treatment of wounds, which formed after small cosmetic surgeries on the skin, for example, after the removal of moles or warts, when after the wounds had not gone more than six months.

Contraindications for use Medermy are acute inflammatory processes and open wounds.

How to use Medermy

Medermu can be applied to the skin only after the wound heals or attenuation phase of the inflammatory process. Gel, lightly pressing, circular movements rubbing of the skin in the area of scarring or in place of their alleged appearance of 3-4 times a day. In the area of the elongated scar massage movements may be zigzag. The procedure should last no less than 3-5 minutes until complete absorption.

Mederma gel well and almost never causes skin irritation and allergies. Treatment of Medermoj can be combined with other drugs, both for local and for internal use. Use only naruzhno should avoid contact with mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth). You can store it at room temperature.

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