Methods of hair removal: what to choose you?

hair rThe desire to get rid of black hairs on the body of plagues usually occurs in adolescence and continues unabated until his old age. Most women and men preferred to have it feel as if the hair they grow only on the head, not the face, in axillary holes, legs, Bikini area and other parts of the body. Curious to see that the dictates of fashion to smooth skin without a hint of vegetation topic hair growth and getting rid of them is still taboo for many women.

Methods of hair removal are known to all, but only some of them can save you from unnecessary vegetation for a long time or forever. Each woman should decide for her method of hair removal, based on the following criteria: cost and duration of the procedure, skin type and hair removal.


In fact, not a way of bleaching hair removal, rather it is a means to make them less visible.

Traditional hair removal: shaving

Shaving is the most common and less durable method of hair removal. When shaving are cut off just a hair on the surface of the skin. Regular shaving does not cause a thickening or darkening of the hair shaft and stimulates hair growth. However, the growth of the new short hair shaft more noticeable because its tip zatuplen, unlike normal hair with a pointed tip.

Natural hair removal

Pulling the hair from the follicle-common and relatively inexpensive method of hair removal. None of these methods does not affect the change of hair color, texture or thickness.

The physical removal of the hair-Plucking

Plucking hair with tweezers is an efficient way to get rid of unwanted hair, but it takes too much time. In addition, a hair Rod must be long enough so that you can grab it with pliers.

Natural hair removal-hair removal

Wax-removal of large quantities of hair at once. Heat the wax for hair removal and evenly applied on the skin in the direction of hair growth. Wax catches hair, then cools and hardens, along with hair. Frozen wax fast movement sdergivaût in the direction of hair growth, and with it pull out hair from the follicles.

Natural hair removal-Sugar hair removal

Sugar hair removal is a popular method of removing hair, similar to the traditional hair removal, but instead uses a thick sugar wax substance which resembles caramel.

Use of facilities for hair removal (depilatories)

For hair removal uses a chemical called tioglikolât, mixed with sodium hydroxide or calcium. This “explosive” mixture literally dissolves the hair. Destroys the disulfidny bridge-the chemical bond between the cells of the skin and hair. Disulfidny bridge connecting the cells of the hair contains more protein than cystine disulfidny bridge connecting skin cells.  More efficiently across the disulfidny bridge containing cystine. The main side effect of hair removal cream, skin irritation, which occurs due to the destruction of skin cells.

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