Mirror manicure

manicureLovers of unusual and extravagant will appreciate the new way of decorating nails-attachment to the nail plate mirror sheet metals. This unusual manicures have already tried on some celebrity-with mirrors on nogotkah were seen Katy Perry (Katy Perry) and Beyonce (Beyonce).

Reflecting the tips-the original decision, however, the technology for which is fashioned manicure, a little intimidating. First the master measures the size of the nail client, determines the desired shape of the plate. Then takes the metal sheet, vykraivaet of 10 small canvases “mirrors”, applies them to the nails and heats under a special lamp. Metal is melted, takes shape and is attached to the nail, the meat with a special solution.

As with the living feel the nails-it is better not to think. If you believe the experts, the mirror is not a bad manicure is just the kind of build-up. By the way, on a metal surface, you can display a photo of a loved one, a word or logo of your favorite brand. So ladies, go for it!


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