More sleep-less weighed!

sleepHave you ever noticed that after a long sleepless night is worth a lot more than usual? And it is quite natural! U.s. and British researchers have found that if you sleep less than two hours a day, then inevitably pribavlaes′ in weight. Due to the hormone ghrelin, which increases the feeling of hunger.

To confirm this hypothesis, a professor at the University of Bristol has conducted a small experiment with 1000 volunteers. The research team compared the level of ghrelin in those who sleeps 8:0 per day, and those who have 5:0 sleep. It turned out that the “malospasih” of this hormone on 15% more. As a result, they have a much more intense feeling of hunger, in addition to their particularly attract food-“trap”: cakes, cookies, chips, etc., in a Word, “Hasta la Vista, figure!”
So sleep more and be slimmer!

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