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granny receipeWe used to wash your hair with shampoo and rinsed out balm. But it turns out there are a lot of folk remedies for hair care. The recipes are simple, all the tools can be easily made at home, and your hair will look after them no worse than after the expensive shampoos and masks.

Yolk in lieu of shampoo

The hair can be washed ordinary egg yolk. Take the egg yolk and vtiraete it in slightly wet hair after 3-5 minutes to head to promyt′teploj water. Use better only the yolk. If you natrete hair protein, you will be very difficult to wash off, because a protein is quickly winding down, and the hair remain ugly rolls.

You can mix the yolks with a teaspoon of Castor and olive oil and vymyt′volosy the resulting solution. This mixture is especially suited for dry hair.

No eggs, don’t despair, you have a piece of rye bread. Grab it and mash in a small amount of hot water, liquid mushy. This gruel rub your hair and wait 5-10 minutes. Then carefully wash the head with water.

You can use for washing hair sour milk, kefir or yogurt. Since ancient times, many peoples of Central Asia used dairy products for this purpose. They create the fatty film, which protects hair from harmful environmental influences.

Take, for example, sour milk, abundantly moisten her head and covered her hair with polyethylene, and top-towel. After half an hour, rinse hair normal warm water, and then the juice of one lemon or acidulated with vinegar (1 stolovaâložka vinegar for two litres of water).

Suits and mustard. A tablespoon of mustard mix two liters of warm water, this “infusion” wash your hair. Mustard is best suited for oily hair. It eliminates the unpleasant greasy shine, and the hair does not get dirty so quickly.

Very useful to wash hair nettle. To do this, pour 100 g fresh or dried nettle 1 litre of water, add 0.5 liter of vinegar. Simmer mixture over low heat for 30 minutes, then strain. The basin of water, add 2-3 cups of the resulting broth. Wash them down, and then, podsušiv hair with a towel, tie a kerchief.

You can wash your head pižmoj. One tablespoon of tansy pour two glasses of boiled water and leave for two hours. Filtered wash hair infusion. This tool helps with dandruff.

If you want to quickly “scrub” head, sprinkle hair potato starch and whip them, as when washing.

After 5-10 minutes, wipe dry with a towel. Residues of starch, remove the brush or comb frequently.

From peppermint hair grow faster

Instead of powder for hair, you can use different extracts and tinctures.

Extracts of nettle, mint, Birch juice not only soften the mob, but also stimulates hair growth and prevents dandruff. After the hair is much longer.
Hair sparkled, they should be rinsed out acidulated water. Litre of boiled water plant with the juice of half lemon or a tablespoon of vinegar.
Blonde hair to give them fresh tint and shine a good rinsing with an infusion of Chamomile. Take 2 tablespoons of Chamomile, throws them into a quart of water and boil 5 minutes. Dark haired refreshing infusion of tea in the same proportion.

Is there a problem?

If you have hair, split ends, falling hard very slowly grow and behave in a strange way, do not panic and do not run buy drawers touted balms and masks. It can be corrected by conventional home remedies.

If the hair is split ends, you need to rinse after washing them with an infusion of Sage, dandelion and plantain. One tablespoon of finely diced herbs BREW Cup boiling water,
and the infusion is ready.

To consolidate and strengthen hair growth can be rubbed in fresh nettle juice or head its infusion. For the preparation of infusions tablespoon leaves of a nettle BREW a glass of boiled water and h poderžitevse it in a thermos. After washing your scalp rub solution in kornivolos krapivniy side str. This simple procedure should be repeated once a week for 1-2 months.

If the hair has become intense fall out, you too will gain nettles. 100 g finely chopped leaves  boil at low heat for half an hour in 0.5 l of water with the addition of stolovogouksusa (2-3 tablespoons). This structure should be cleaned head peredsnom 1-2 times a week until the hair loss is not reduced.

To improve the growth of hair in the scalp, you can rub in a mixture of 300 g of fresh leaves of a nettle and 0.5 l of alcohol. To do this you have to make the spirit tincture. Put in spirtkrapivu and put it in a dark place for 2-3 weeks. After the alcohol you want to drain and add the same amount of filtered water. Your infusion is ready.

When thin, split ends hair scalp rub a mixture of equal amounts of cabbage, lemon juice and spinach.

At a hair fall is useful mush from the onion. Cook it very simply-you want to skip the green onions over the meat grinder.
Apply a thick layer of slurry on the head of peredmyt′em, close to its polyethylene and tie the scarf. After an hour, rinse your hair with hot water. When fatty hair in the mush you can add a bit of alcohol, it will enhance the impact of compress.

To promote hair growth used crushed kernels of sweet almond oil, mixed with milk. 1-2 week must rub biennially this mixture into hair roots.

At a hair fall and hair transplants, the national medicine recommends herbal potion from leaves and fruit of Sea buckthorn (1:10). It needs to be rubbed into the scalp 2-3 times a week.
When hair loss are advised to take 4 spoons of inflorescence buds and 3 tablespoons of hop cones, mix, pour 1 litre of water and boil. Broth rub in the skin once a week.

To dry hair is not seklis′, they are rinsed with an infusion of dandelion: a tablespoon of chopped rasteniâzavarit′ a glass of boiled water.

In case of oily hair is useful for 2-3 hours before washing rub into the scalp of carrot juice. If you have time, you can prepare a mixture of carrot juice, lemon juice, rice flour.

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