Myself a nutritionist

nutrition1. Diet or sport?
Before you sit down to diet, find out whether you have extra weight, because it is possible, you need not a nutritionist, and a good coach. You can find this by using the body mass index (BMI), which is in the normal weight gain in women is 19-24, 5. For girls increased 171 cm tall and weighs 70 kg BMI is 23.5. Rate is well within the norm and, therefore, his tummy problem should be solved in the gym and not through dieting.
2. do you Really need it?
Ask yourself this simple question and understand that changes in life, when the scales will show treasured numbers? It is only then that promises real, not illusory benefits it’s worth.
Do not tes′ illusions that once you vlezes′ in jeans 42 or 44-th size, you will find the prestigious job or ustrois′ personal life, because it does not depend on the shape, and from you the most. If the desire to lose weight you never left, go to the next item.
3. Draw a realistic time frame
Your goals should be achievable. You cannot lose weight on 15 lbs in 2 months without special efforts and damage to health. Losing more than 1 kg per week, you will lose weight only by water, and muscle mass. In the end, your metabolism can disrupt, and water is returned to the body immediately after the end of the diet, taking with him a couple of extra pounds.
To lose weight due to fat, you can reset a week no more than 500 grams in a month is not more than 2 kg. Fat is broken down much slower than has been delayed, and quick to give their stocks of the body becomes.

4. place the intermediate objectives
Smash up the weight loss program at several stages and calculate how much you should weigh at the end of each of them. Then the path to the dream will not seem so distant, and the incentive to lose weight won’t lose again.
You must admit that the purpose of reset 1 kilogram this month is much more realistic and easier to understand than the hazy plans lose 15 kilo at all ever. Do not forget to praise yourself, even for small successes that will lead you to a great victory.
5. check your health
Before you start the long road to the shape of your dreams, find out, do you have any health problems. Because the diet is by definition limited in the diet, you should know in advance whether they will not harm your health. If a malfunction of the body are still better, lose weight under the supervision of doctors.
6. calculate your metabolism
Everything here is very simple: to lose weight by a specified number of kilograms a month, enough to cut calorie intake by 200 calories per day. But in order to understand how many calories your body uses to maintain the current weight, you must calculate your metabolism.
To do this, you can use the following formula, which offers the American Dietetic Association, is the equation Mifflina-San zeora:
ORP (metabolism at rest) = (9.99 x weight in kg) + (6.25 x height in cm)-(5 x age in years)-161
For example, for girls increased 171 cm, weight 70 kg at the age of 25 years, we get:
ORP = 699.3 + 1068.75-125-161 = 1482.05 kcal. When calculating do not forget about the rules of Mathematics: first perform an operation of multiplication and Division, then addition and subtraction.
To get a true calorie consumption, multiply the resulting number on:
1.2 If you do not to be friends with fitness
1.375-2 times a week you give yourself an easy fiznagruzku
1.55-if lead an active lifestyle
1.75 if you seriously do fitness
1.9-if sport is your all
As you’re going to lose weight, this formula will return to weight, and the calories will decrease.

7. start the diary
Actually, it just seems that you really have nothing to eat and polnees′ from the air. A couple of days spent with the food diary, will open your eyes to many things. For example, how many packs of seeds disappeared strangely on a walk with the baby or how many pečenûšek have been seized from a colleague.
Write in a journal of everything you eat for a day. Not necessarily always carry around a notebook you can carry in your computer or mobile phone. Every single day, for example, on Wednesday, vzvešivajsâ on an empty stomach. If you hudeeš′, then it works, if not, look for the solution in a diary.
8. do not reproach yourself for disruption
If at a party or a birthday party you do not resist and ate a piece of cake or drank a glass of champagne, it’s not a reason to start a new life Monday: your way to the perfect shape still, just now forced stop, after which it would have to run more.
9. Enter your diet
Tie belt pull and sit on one of buckwheat-not out: so you didn’t when threatened, and the weight will come back as soon as the grecnevoe menu disappears into oblivion.
Try to cut back on the amount of food eaten in a day. Eat frequent but small portions.
Perhaps you will rule one glass “: you can eat so much food at one time, how many can fit in a standard faceted glass.
The high-calorie products try to drink in the morning. By the way, about the calories. It may well be that it will be easier to count calories, and not try to vtolkat′ piece of cake in the glass.
10. do not zagonaj yourself in the framework
Reaching goals and cherished figures on the scales again skorrektiruj your diet. Now you can afford a little more-up to 400 extra calories per day.
But at this point you want to make friends with sports: Let’s imagine a light load at least 3 times a week and make not less than half an hour. Yes, perhaps, will not be superfluous.

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