Myths and reality

eyeclinicThe problem in the modern world view plays a very important role. Long work at your computer, reading in low light or at transportation, environment and other factors have contributed to the deterioration of our vision. You have to look for solutions to this problem. There is a well-established view that points-the most secure method of vision correction. However, for all its merits, it also has disadvantages. If the problem of sweating and feeling discomfort in the nose were somehow solved technology problems that occur when playing sports or other vigorous physical activities, resolve your points is almost impossible. In addition, points can be lost, broken or just plain forget (if they are not consistently). In such a situation come in contact lenses, which have many advantages and can provide comfort and freedom of even the most active person. And for a time they were really a good alternative to glasses. However, the lenses are not a secure method of correction: even with proper care, there is a risk of damage to the cornea, which can arise from poor-quality surface of the lens, with a foreign body under the lens, corneal oxygen malnutrition etc. the longer you wear lenses, the greater the risk of damage. In addition, not everyone can wear contact lenses-for example, people with sensitive eyes.

Hardly anyone would dispute the fact that life is much easier without the glasses that, removing the glasses, you can feel happier and more attractive. As a result of the changed view of the world, feeling, perception is the word, it changes the whole life. Without glasses don’t have to strain yourself while standing at the counter and ask the retailer for the price of one, then the other items, you can swim in the sea, adequately perceive the surrounding world and his paint, and not try to just barely distinguish distant objects.

So how do you rid yourself of perpetual dependency-pick and carry tools that allow us to see better? How to forget about problems that constantly remind about yourself?

Modern science does not stand still and offers a more progressive way of dealing with vision problems-laser correction. Today, we can safely say that this is not just a progressive mode, but also quite safe. If the initial laser vision correction associated with painful feelings that arose for the first time after the surgery, the long period of recovery, as well as with a large number of postoperative complications, the modern methods allow you to bring these disadvantages to almost zero. Now laser vision correction-this is not even a simple procedure and operation, absolutely safe and painless, lasting only 10 minutes. Anything that may occur during the first few days after the procedure, is a feeling of dryness and watery. Some people do not raise any sensations. Visual acuity is restored in the first two hours, and immediately after the procedure, you can watch TV. The risk of complications is minimal and is usually with the inexperience of the surgeon. Therefore, in order to avoid complications you must seriously address the choice of clinic, which will be carried out laser correction. And you need to remember that the high cost of the procedure is not less, but rather, a plus for the clinics, because said relevant costs for its realisation. Those who do, the price is lower, most likely save on equipment and medical supplies: for example, in some clinics during the day is a microkeratome (the appliance to separate the superficial layer of the cornea) to several patients, and not for everyone. In addition, the cost of the procedure include the cost of equipment, the condition of which largely depends on the outcome of the procedure. After all, the less frequently the device undergoing maintenance, the more difficult it is to calibrate it properly. All negatively affect the price.

Despite these facts, many still fear to make laser vision correction and often don’t even try to learn more about it. So what stops us?

1. any operation is a surgical procedure, and therefore, there is a risk of it failure and complications. In fact, this procedure is carried out without the use of a scalpel. Using the microkeratom lifted the flap of the surface layer of the cornea, which somehow turns away to the side. The laser beam effect (about 30-50 seconds) at the cornea, thus changing its optical force, after which the flap is put back in place. With high-quality professional diagnosis of the successful outcome of the procedure is guaranteed at 100%. Complications are minimal and are very rare.
2. Operation is not worth doing before pregnancy. It is not recommended to process only those women who are planning a pregnancy in the next six months, because you need some time to adapt the eye and the full restoration of the cornea.

3. it is recommended that you do not do surgery in the summer, as there is a risk of dust contamination and infection. Because the procedure is done on the surface layer of the cornea flap after laying and the place is its instant healing, laser correction is not a serious surgical procedure, therefore, the summer season is not a constraint. It is important to note that full recovery after the procedure, you will need 1 month, so if you plan to make the correction before the leave, you must be aware about this period, the use of the sauna and steam room, be exposed to ultraviolet light, to engage in active physical activity.
4. Laser correction is unpleasant, painful and terrible procedure. In fact, we can say that the sensation during the procedure, there is practically no. Before burying the anesthetic and placed you on the couch. Then the eye fix (provide the stiffness of the century). Of all the actions that will be carried out, the doctor will tell you that it was not a surprise for you. All you have to do is look at the red dot, which at some point will disappear and reappears after a few seconds.
There is a special service of “operation-online”, which makes it clear that feels during the procedure, allows you to see, feel and even hear what they say to the patient, the couch doctor.
5. Surgery on the eyes is a mandatory visit to the doctor each year for eye examinations, as well as the impossibility of greater physical loads, which may lead to the deterioration of or loss of vision. Any person must be checked by an ophthalmologist every year 1, because even those with normal vision can actually be hidden problems with the retina of the eye (thinning of the retina and can lead to scaling, and then to blindness). After the procedure, you can maintain a normal lifestyle, limiting only the active physical activity (for example, fitness room), it is not recommended to use makeup for the eyes. There are no incisions and sutures, and therefore the risk that they would disband in active exercise. Vision does not get worse if it within a year or more has been stable (not progressed).
6. After laser correction to be a long and painful recovery, imposed many restrictions. All you have to do after the procedure, is the drops. Quite frequently (every 2:0) is going to have to do this only in the first few days (2-3 days), then 3 times a day for a month. All the unpleasant feelings that might arise during the initial period after the procedure is a recurrent lacrimation and dryness. This is a normal reaction of the body, which is usually the next day, and someone is absent at all. For a few days may also be photophobia (not all). In this case, we recommend wearing sunglasses. Immediately after the procedure you will see with your own eyes-glasses you no longer need, and vision will be restored in the coming 2:0! Drive a car to work at the computer and read the book you can the day after the procedure.

So if you still wear glasses or lenses, think, and whether to get rid of them once and for all. The only thing that should be taken as seriously, so this is the choice of clinic, where you have to do it, because the clinic’s reputation and experience of the doctor performing the procedure, are guarantors of quality results. Now in Moscow, several dozen different clinics offering laser vision correction, and the price range for their services is large enough. But that is precisely the case when never chase the cheapness, and it’s best to rely on an experienced and reputable clinic. For example, you might ask, where is the correct vision of our idols, pop stars, politicians, athletes, since many stars, including Valery Meladze, Aleksey Kortnev, Amina zaripova, Larisa dolina, Yuliya Savicheva, Iosif Prigozhin, Igor Chapurin, Bogdan Titomir, Yana poplavskaya and others long ago decided to laser correction and have corrected my vision.

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