Named after Miss artificial body»

miss“Miss artificial body of Hungary-22-year-old Urban River (Reka Urban) believes that plastic surgery can look” beautifully and naturally. Winner of an unusual beauty contest, which was held in Budapest, went under the knife three times: she had breasts, facelifts and nose shape. Growth 175 cm girl weighs 47 kg. The Queen of plastic surgery has 18 contestants, who also laid claim to the Honorable (or humiliating) title. By the way, to the rank of a flat in the Centre of Budapest.

In the contest of artificial bodies attended the girls from 18 to 30 years who ever had plastic surgery on the face or body. To claim victory, increase lips or pump up breasts with silicone was not enough. Surgical intervention should be the maximum, but the presence of creative abilities or intelligence was not a mandatory condition of competition. In contrast to the “Miss Universe”, for the pretenders to the Crown of “Miss” the synthetic is much more important to have a perfect body.

Organizers promise that such competition will become an annual event. Interesting, and someone would have a similar competition between artificially-beautiful “stars? Will a lot of candidates.



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