Atopic dermatitis – a chronic skin disease of inflammatory nature, which is characterized by the appearance of erythematous, lichenoid lesions, prone to mergers and the formation of papular lesions of infiltration, and morphological changes of the skin (its seal, a violation of the figure).

There are two types neurodermatitis: diffuse and limited. Diffuse an allergic reaction to the stimulus. It can trigger poor nutrition, intoxication, impaired functioning of the internal organs (liver, stomach, kidney), foci of other chronic infections, as well as functional disorders of the central nervous system, autonomic systems, endocrine disorders (such as a dysfunction of the pituitary-adrenal axis). Major role in disease development are

precisely disorders of the nervous and endocrine systems. Can occur at any age.

The main symptom is the appearance of diffuse neurodermatitis papules pale pink, subjectively characterized by itching. Papules tend to merge into solid lesions with subsequent lichenification of skin. Such foci often located on the flexor surfaces of the extremities – the elbows, knees, wrists, as well as on the lateral surface of the skin. Other changes of the skin occur on the face, back and chest: the skin appear pink erythema, with no clear boundaries, and characterized by a slight desquamation. The patient complains of constantly growing itch, combing lesion causes micro traumas, fractures, discoloration of individual sections of the skin, and itchy nail plate strongly shining, it looks as polished. Because of the scratching may join piokokkovoy infection. The skin becomes dry, going gray.

The patient observed the following clinical symptoms: sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, hypotension, weakness, fatigue, hypoglycemia, etc. The patient becomes irritable, whiny, perhaps lowering the body weight.

The disease is characterized by a prolonged course with relative stihaniya inflammatory process in the summer months. Perhaps the progression of this condition until the erythroderma. This may be due to the unfavorable course of disease, improper treatment, is an irritant to the skin.

Limited neurodermatitis affects limited areas of the skin, the most frequent sites of localization – the back and side of the neck, the skin around the ankles, in the genital area. Lesions in a limited form are divided into three zones:

central, main feature of which is lichenification of skin;

average – is the area of the skin, which appear shiny papular rash of small size;

peripheral, characterized by hyperpigmentation of the skin.

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