Obvetrivanie: several ways of problem solution

lip careWhen lips are dry, hard-binds to smile, and the appearance is not the best.

The wind, the cold and the Sun

Many lips especially dry in cold windy weather, as well as in bright sunshine. The easiest way out of this situation is the frequent drinking. Little bottle with water not too will wear. But in case of need you can always SIPs from it a couple of SIPs to moisten the lips.

When entering the street can’t hurt to put on them is cream or balm. It will protect your lips from chapping. Lip sunscreen will help keep moisture even under the scorching sunlight.

When will long stay in the fresh air, take with you hygienic lipstick. However, from her lips often remains dense, oily sheen. This deficiency no cosmetics, prepared on the basis of thermal waters. They appeared in drugstores and will help solve the problem.

Required changes

Excessive dryness of the lips are often guilty of toothpastes. The dewatering and irritating effect especially Sin fluorinated. Their impact is sometimes so strong that it causes no long ongoing inflammation of the skin around the mouth. At the first sign of trouble to go to a different pasta.

For some women, a good emollient lip serves as a normal means of decorative lipstick. This means that their choice was a good one. Unsuitable or not too high-quality lipsticks, in contrast, can cause dryness on your lips. Sometimes it’s enough change to lips became soft and silky again.

Fashionistas often brings lipstick with increased resistance.
It stays on your lips longer due to deeper penetration into the skin. Obezžirivaetsâ, the skin and the moisture evaporates more quickly from its surface. The lipstick should not be used too often.

Bad habits

Drying your lips all the time makes you want to lick. And this is just not worth it. So they removed the natural water-fat film. They’re just more dry, but from saliva faster obvetrivaûtsâ. On the lips bad effect their habit of snacking. If this ever gets injured their mucosa. There are sores and cracks. Over time, this can lead to a fairly severe case-Leukoplakia.


Vitamin deficiencies can cause not only the increased dryness of the lips,
but their flaking and cracking. This will help prevent the creams with added vitamins a and e. you can use ordinary, for the face. But better that they were designed just for the lips. Such creams have a soft consistency, faster absorbed and, moreover, have a pleasant taste.

If the exterior steps are no longer justified, then it makes sense to increase in their diet of foods rich in vitamin a. Often make salads of carrot, yellow pepper, Orange fruits, Sea-buckthorn, Cook different dishes from the liver. Do not neglect the eggs and dairy products.

In certain types of skin diseases sometimes prescribe medications that contain large doses of vitamin a. It excess in the body can also cause labial cracks. There is the additional revenue are manifestly superfluous.
Irritation and cracks in the corners of the mouth often creates a lack of b vitamins are present in fish, eggs, milk, liver, cheese and leaf green. Their sources are oatmeal Kama, pumpkin seeds, Brewer’s yeast and wheat bran.

Lip care

The skin of the lips requires the same care as the facial skin. Her helpful hydrating mask made from natural products. Cucumber juice will make the lips soft and supple. You can smear them with honey, take 15-20 minutes. Then rinse and brush with cream. Mask of cottage cheese and carrot juice, put on 10-15 minutes to give the lips elasticity. After it is well cover them with a thin layer of vegetable oil. For the lips for a long time remained smooth and fresh, preferably every day with their juice no fruit or berries.

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