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safeThe choice of a hormonal drug depends on many factors-from age to health. In addition to protection from unwanted pregnancy, hormonal contraceptives on the woman’s body, a number of medical and prophylactic effects: reduce the pain of menstruation, PMS help fight and prevent development of Gynecologic diseases like ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. However, before applying them to consult with a physician-gynaecologist.
Contraception for young people

Up to 25 years the condition of the skin depends on the hormonal levels: an excess of male sex hormones in the body of the girl causes problems with skin. And if cosmetics under force only to ground, cleanse and moisturize your skin, the pill may help balance hormone levels, make it clean and smooth.

It’s worth noting that there are products specifically designed for young children. They are not designed for immediate effect. But after three months the skin condition noticeably improving.

If you need to deal with the shortcomings of the skin, you can choose the local contraception.

It is well known that the most effective impact-focused. So scientists are hard at work on creating a contraceptive placed directly into the vagina.

After some investigation, scientists found that women with characteristics such as contraceptives, no side effects, ease of application and operation: every day, once a month or once per year-with no risk to forget or ignore the reception.

Almost all the requirements of modern girls is a contraceptive method as elastic contraceptive ring. Containing a microscopic dose of hormones, it is injected topically and takes the shape of a woman’s body, is housed in the vagina. Then the ring can “forget” for a month, because during the 30 days the elastic ring daily highlights ongoing minimum dose of hormones that prevent fertilization. The effectiveness of this method of contraception is more than 99%.

And here’s the perfect ring or not, only a doctor can determine. As in the case of tablets, this method of contraception, there are some contraindications-diabetes, thrombosis, risk factors for heart attack or stroke, high blood pressure and others.



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