Scent of a woman

scentFragrance, for which men are willing to go to the end of the world, is not a figment of the imagination of visionary young ladies! This treasure has each of us. And each can transform your personal scent in the bewitching fragrance of …

“And what they find? Not that beautiful, not particularly clever, do not know how to dress it, and men hovering around her like moths have candles. What’s her secret? “-probably for many of us, especially in times of solitude, sometimes envious look to its more popular among men and wonder-friend than I am worse? (more…)

We choose Yoga!

yogaClass schedule in practically every sports club and fitness centre you can find the word “Yoga”. This text will help you understand what is being taught at this institution and on which system to choose.

YOGA IYENGAR. Today it is the most popular yoga in the world. Its creator, B.K.S. Iyengar, is rightly considered one of the greatest Yogis of today, more than 60 years of training to understand this practice. This type of Yoga is perfectly adapted for the Europeans, however, does not lose its original integrity. (more…)

Myths and reality

eyeclinicThe problem in the modern world view plays a very important role. Long work at your computer, reading in low light or at transportation, environment and other factors have contributed to the deterioration of our vision. You have to look for solutions to this problem. There is a well-established view that points-the most secure method of vision correction. However, for all its merits, it also has disadvantages. If the problem of sweating (more…)

Plastic surgery lead to depression?

plasticIn Canada, a study was conducted which found that women who go under the knife, plastic surgeons are more prone to depression than ladies do not resort to such procedures. 24558 took part in the experiment of the women have seen over 24 years.
So far, there is a question about that here, and what is the reason for the investigation. Whether going to the plastic surgeon, women with certain psychological problems or the problems appear after surgery? (more…)

The disease of the century: food psychosis

dietDiet? Ineffective! Healthy food? These recommendations do not have any scientific proof. Advanced French psychiatrist Gerard Apfel′dorfer and physiotherapist Jean-Philippe Zermati, authors of the book “warning: Dietary dictatorship!”, “oppose obsession eat right.

Even the most balanced diet has no effect. Studies show that people lose weight for the first six months, and then gaining even more. Five years after moving to the “right” type of power supply 90% of the people are broken. Today (more…)

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