A new way to enlightenment — dance!

DanceThe dance is, first of all, attitude. How do you feel the surrounding space as you perceive information flows and how to realize himself in these threads. Dance is the ability to tell using body as poet soul.

And that soul and body could most effectively merge the creative ecstasy and achieve harmony, is to decide what you would like to achieve in the “physical” and the “philosophical-aesthetic”. Continue reading A new way to enlightenment — dance!

Sick head rest does not give

sickIn the light of the fortunate ones who have never a headache. This is about 20% of women and half of men (apparently, man’s head is stronger). The rest of this issue occurs at least once a month if not more often.

Deal with the headache of mankind has tried for a long time, which in ancient times were very exotic means. For example, some primitive tribes have been drilling a hole in the skull, and in ancient Egypt to head put newborn little crocodiles. Probably helped. But we will not be experimenting, and talk about how to fight modern with headache medicine. Continue reading Sick head rest does not give

Biorhythms and laziness of …

lazyWe all remember how hard it was to get up every day at 7 am in the school. Scientists at the University of Toronto, and finally understood why.
The fact of the matter is that the biological clock of adolescents ‘ shifted ‘ toward adults biorhythms. Therefore, even such seemingly simple advice on how to go to bed earlier doesn’t help. Children by nature of the OWL.
One of the researchers Martin Ralph explains: “Teen awaken in the middle of their biological night, two hours before the body itself will wake up. Because our siblings and suffer from violations of biorhythms “. Continue reading Biorhythms and laziness of …

Star disease

star“Spider veins”, varicose disease, who of us even once heard these words? Well, if these terms do not have a direct relation to you. However, not many women can boast. According to statistics, almost every second woman suffers from varicose veins. Varicose disease is a disease in which the wall of subcutaneous vein loses its elasticity, causing the blood vessels are stretched, knotted extensions are formed (varix translated from Latin means “junction”). Continue reading Star disease

Passion through veins

veinsMy feet-long headache. MOM, Dad, grandmother-what is anyone’s guess who “gave” me a beauty. The result is the same — in 27 years without a longing look at his feet could not. And the long-awaited pregnancy and childbirth is clearly not improved their appearance.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, I am an impartial look at your feet and finally decided to go to flebologu.

And here I had a question: where, exactly, to go, who to contact? The assistants I had Internet. Has set its objectives: Continue reading Passion through veins