Carbuncle – pyo-necrotic inflammation of multiple hair follicles, which merge and form a single inflammatory infiltrate. Usually develops as a result of the same factors that boil (skin contamination, trauma, excessive secretion of sweat glands, diabetes, etc.). The disease is localized in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, the most common place occurrence of entities – the back of the neck, shoulders, buttocks and waist. (more…)


Dermatitis – skin lesions of an inflammatory nature, resulting from physical impact. There are simple and allergic skin lesions.

The emergence of simple dermatitis occurs when exposed to obligate stimulus: chemicals (concentrated acids, alkalis), physical impact (high or low temperatures – a burn or frostbite, radiation, mechanical stress, electric current, etc.). The inflammatory process of the skin develops at the site is strictly irritants, and its severity depends on the intensity and time of exposure stimulus, as well as the (more…)


Hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating caused by hypersecretion of sweat glands of the skin. Two forms of the disease: a common and localized.

Common cause of hyperhidrosis can be affected by many factors. Among exogenous factors, the most frequent cause is the increased ambient temperature. Endogenous factors include physical or emotional stress (when talking about the physiological excessive sweating, (more…)

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