How to raise blood pressure

bloodIt is important to know that to date no medicines that can safely raise your blood pressure. All of the affordable medicines have different side effects and may not be used permanently.

First of all, you need to determine the cause of the problem, the permanent control of parameters and use proven ways that individual for each patient. These methods help maintain blood Continue reading How to raise blood pressure

What to do when you are ill

illnessPeople suffering from arterial hypotonia, not tolerate variations in atmospheric pressure, heat and intense physical exertion. In such situations, there is a sharp drop in pressure and this can lead to unconscious States.

The signs are faint noise in the head, blackouts and flickering before the eyes of flies, cold sweat, dizziness, nausea, severe weakness.

How to behave in this situation: Continue reading What to do when you are ill

Low blood pressure during pregnancy

low pressureHormone adjustment of the organism during pregnancy often causes low blood pressure, with many bodies pregnant (heart, brain, kidneys, and other organs and tissues) do not receive sufficient amounts of oxygen, which can cause exacerbation of chronic pathology in future mom and development of severe toxicosis.

Low blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to a reduction of blood flow velocity in the placenta and the baby is not receiving adequate oxygen and nutrients, which can cause severe Continue reading Low blood pressure during pregnancy

Summer hair care

summer hairIn summer, our hair is subjected to this test! Their dry hot wind and air dryer, fried sun rays. From this they become dry and lifeless, as straw burnt down.

And if the protection of the skin against unfavourable factors we pay attention, the hair usually this attention deprived. Continue reading Summer hair care

Select appropriate comb for perfect hairstyles

picIf you believe the stylists and hairdressers, correctly picked up a comb is half of hair care. At the same time, it is clear that metal or plastic comb can neutralize all efforts in the fight for a beautiful head of hair.

Using a simple guide from Skinproblemsolution you will be able to select the comb and with renewed efficiency to take care of your hair. Continue reading Select appropriate comb for perfect hairstyles