Morpheus on call: how to deal with insomnia?

insmaniaMinute stretch like other chewing candy, attached to the sole of the shoe. The mattress seems too hard, then the annoyingly soft. The arrows on the clock show deep night, and sleep, it seems, took a day off today and left you alone …

Does this sound familiar? You bet! According to statistics, up to 80% of the world’s population faces the problem of insomnia. Sometimes sleeping problems occur because of a debilitating disease, and treated with special drugs. But if you’re relatively healthy, and quickly fall asleep still does not work, you can help our simple recommendations. (more…)

The diary of a young MOM: time management for parents

momIf you forget the last time I read the book, weeks not doing a manicure, my husband eats semi-finished goods, and you regret that in days only 12:0 am, then it is time to do time-management of one’s own life and kick out of her brazen thieves of time.
This made me think of my girlfriend “on the sandbox,” a young mother. I gave her a watch your favourite movie and several weeks trying to learn its impression, but she couldn’t see it. (more…)

A la carte menu with the mind: how to reduce harm, not throwing smoke?

cigSmoking-health harm. Knows that each of us, and even as a child zarekaetsa ever “take the poison” into his mouth. However, the word retard few-smoking have tried virtually everything. Someone this “fun” not inspired, and someone can’t live without cigarettes and day. As life shows, neither social advertising nor a warning of the Health Ministry cannot force throw heavy smokers of their habit. To do this, you only need a strong personal motive. (more…)

From the hip: a diet for the beach season

beautyIf you meet a woman who insists that it is not worried about the size of their thighs, you met a liar. Or young lady who argued that makes it look like she don’t care why they polneut sacred, even when I’m sitting on a diet? “or” Oh my God, they’re so fat! “. In fact, the hip really fatty (although obidnost′ formulations, different is not true). A Priori. As nature intended. And all these ploskopopye model and uzkobedrye beauty is nothing more than the result of a genetic mutation, a rare error in calculations of the creator and the evolutionary degradation. (more…)

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