Braids and pigtails: French braid

h1Last time we talked about how to weave the volumetric Scythe. Today we once again drew attention to the French braid, but just as a border of hair nezapletennyh. In our time the spit again gaining unusual popularity, since it not only casual hairstyle of three woven curls, now this styling for work, school, a romantic date or outing. It often looks like a creation superprofessional′nyh hairdressers for fashion (more…)

Select options for hairstyles for summer

pic1.jpegMotto this summer stylists and beauty-makers declared natural and deliberate negligence. Skinproblemsolution has collected 5 options simple hairstyles summer 2015.

Spit-bezel: today in fashion various spit and weaving, simple and complex, but the bezel of the hair around the head can tie up yourself girl with any length of hair, from the rack to the waist. Create a hairstyle in the boho style is simple: start to weave braid from the temple to the opposite Temple and fasten under hair or behind the ear the Invisibles. (more…)

Between us girls! How to improve the State of health these days?

1Start preparing for feast should be for a day or two: adhere to the dietary regimen, to refrain from even soft drinks, eating more fruits and vegetables is to strengthen the body and prepare it to stress (which becomes for him a festive party with uncontrollable ob″edaniem and uncontrolled use of liqueurs, wines and vodkas). (more…)

Denounce myths about intimate hygiene

intimateThe theme of personal hygiene as old as the world. And we are confident in this area-we know all. It turns out that not all. Some questions and important points need to be clarified. So today we disclose all secrets of intimate hygiene.

Hygiene is not only brief encounters with SOAP and water in the morning and evening. Vigilance is needed throughout the day. And this is especially true for intimate hygiene. Indeed, in our secret corners, where rarely get oxygen and ultraviolet light, usually quite (more…)

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